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Killer Mike On Confederate Flag


It’s no secret that Killer Mike of popular hip hop group, Run The Jewels is a very politically involved person. So, when the shooting in the South Carolina church happened this past week, and the controversy of the Confederate flag came up, Killer Mike definitely made sure everyone heard his two cents.

In a piece on The Fader Killer Mike made it very clear that he has no problem with people hanging a confederate flag in their own homes. Is there is some kind of sentimental value to it, than by all means have it.

Yet, he believes it is not something that should be on anything government affiliated. That flag is associated with racism for many, and having to see it makes many people uncomfortable. He makes a strong argument when he brings up the fact that the Confederacy lost, and yet we are still waving the flag around. How could someone be proud of a defeat.

Killer Mike is always good at keeping his opinions fairly unbiased and tries to give both side the benefit of the doubt. Whatever you want to do in your own home is up to you. But don’t bring matters of controversy into the public eye.


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