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Sandy Malone: “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” Hank’s Big Reveal

Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson - "Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar" World Premiere - Arrivals - California Science Center Imax Theater - Los Angeles, CA, USA Photo copyright by Janice Ogata /
Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson – “Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar” World Premiere – Arrivals – California Science Center Imax Theater – Los Angeles, CA, USA Photo copyright by Janice Ogata /

Tonight’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” on WEtv confused me. I’m not sure they got a whole lot accomplished even though everybody was crying at the end of evaluations.

Hank and Kendra are the big showstoppers, this episode picking up where last week left off with Hank about to make the big reveal to his wife about what supposedly happened between him and transsexual model. The audiotape released on the Internet during their time at boot camp is pretty damning, but they’re not going to talk about it.

Apparently, it all comes down to whether Hank is going to take legal action. If he’s going to sue, he shouldn’t talk about the details on camera.

Thing is, if he really had some sort of affair with this guy, what’s he going to sue him for? Releasing a tape of Hank begging him not to tell anybody and share pictures? Hank promising to pay him $5,000 so he doesn’t sell his story to tabloids? I can’t see a lawsuit here unless the transsexual had signed a confidentiality agreement. Hank Baskett is a public figure and celebrities are held to a different standard of privacy rights.

“In my mind the best way to diffuse this is by letting the world know what really happened,” Boot Camp Director Jim Carroll advises them.

“The hardest thing about telling you the full truth is that I honestly think you’re going to leave me,” Hank tells Kendra, weeping. Okay, so you did cheat on her because that’s really the only reason she’d leave you. Oh yeah, you also did it while she was eight months pregnant, with a man. She has every right to leave him if she can’t forgive him or he can’t come totally clean to her.

Even the boot camp directors speculate as to whether they’re using the lawsuit excuse just to avoid dealing with the issue in front of the group.

But later at dinner, Tami won’t let it go. She has to get up in Kendra and Hank’s business and confront them for not participating and telling everybody what’s going on. If I thought it was coming from a good place, I’d agree with her. But truth is, she’s just a nosy bitch.

“Be a little bit more sensitive,” Kendra tells Tami, trying to shut her down.

“The question is: Was there transgender involvement?” Tami asks Hank, at the dinner table.

“Excuse me,” Kendra stops her. Tami tries to keep talking and Kendra starts freaking out.

“You have to be very careful what the f**k you say to him right now,” Kendra gets protective. “Stop judging him.”

“I’m not judging,” Tami screams. She just wants to know – feels entitled to know – the truth.

“Don’t touch my f**king husband,” Kendra tells her.

“Lord have mercy, did she really do this? Does she know who I am?” Tami asks in interview. Tami has a pretty inflated ego.

“I would advise that you not stand the f**k up,” Tami tells Kendra to sit down and get “the f**k out of the house if you can’t be real.”

Reggie and Hank drag the women apart and Hank actually puts his hand over Kendra’s mouth. He’s lucky she didn’t bite him.

“You will be apologizing very soon,” Kendra yells. I couldn’t tell what else was said cuz there was too much beeping of obscenities. She and Tami were both screaming. Tami was nasty – Kendra was defensive.

They both chilled out and behaved during evaluations but it’s only a matter of time before the s**t hits the fan again.

And that was the highlight of the show.

In other news, Judge Lynn Toler of “Divorce Court” held a mock divorce session for the campers. To break it down in short:

Tami needs to stop acting like Reggie’s mom.

Kendra and Hank need to deal with the elephant in the room.

“There’s a big ugly that we need to talk about,” Judge Toler says. When Kendra starts explaining for Hank, the Judge points out that she’s taking the blame where she shouldn’t.

“You don’t even know how to feel bad appropriately,” Judge tells Hank when he does a bad job apologizing.

“Bingo,” Book Camp Director Elizabeth Carroll whispers to husband Jim.

“You can’t fix anything if you can’t acknowledge that it’s there,” Judge Toler says what everyone has been saying.

The Situation and Lauren are painful to watch. He makes zero sense when he talks.

“Are you at all concerned about the answers he’s just given me, because I am?” the Judge asks Lauren. “Both of you do a lot of talking and very little listening.”

Jordan and Jeff are ridiculous. They haven’t discussed what religion their children will be because she doesn’t believe it’s polite to discuss religion. Say what??? Seriously? Is she THAT dumb?

Now here’s where I got confused. Judge Toler totally takes Aubrey’s side, and I’m pretty sure she’s the evil bitch in that relationship. I’d also like to point out she’s turned a disturbing shade of “Snookie-Orange” in her interview clips. With the new face already not working for her, she’s a train wreck compared to her former self.

“I’m going to be completely honest. I do not think he is the one for me at this point in time,” Aubrey tells the judge.

Travis tells a story as an example of Aubrey’s inappropriate flirting and they get into a fight about nipples. The Judge shuts him down.

“My girls have escaped,” the Judge says “It doesn’t define me as a person. Why are you getting angry about that?”

“Be a better person,” Judge Toler tells Travis. I honestly think she needed to hear a little more of his side of things because Aubrey’s no innocent here.

Aubrey asks Jim to go up and talk to Travis because she’s worried he’s going to leave. She tells Jim that he reminds Travis of his father. The manipulation has no end with this chick. She didn’t need to blow sunshine up Jim’s ass to get him to go talk with Travis.

Elizabeth sits down with Aubrey and tells her she clings to bad relationships because she’s afraid of being alone. She tells Aubrey she needs to find peace in being alone, she and Travis need to fill their voids separately and apart.

“It’s you that needs to work on you,” Jim tells Travis.

I still think they’re a hot mess and not worth trying to fix. #Sorrynotsorry

The episode ended with Kendra ranting to Hank about how “done” she is with the show, but I doubt they’re leaving.

Four episodes in and I’m declaring The Sitch/Lauren and Jordan/Jeff painfully boring. But the other three relationships could explode at any moment and I’ll be watching!

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