Will there be a Season 11 of The Walking Dead on AMC?

Daryl On TWD Season 10
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 5. Pic credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Season 10 of The Walking Dead has been an interesting one so far. Each week the Whisperers have been ramping up the level of stress that the main survivors are feeling. And that will continue with the new episode on Sunday night.

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma are causing a lot of trouble and the writers just gave AMC viewers an episode that centered entirely on backstories for them. It may have made them seem even more deadly than before.

Through four episodes, the writing seems to be building toward something and that is exactly what is taking place. But even though the show is building toward an eventual showdown between the Whisperers and the survivors, it won’t bring an end to the show.

Will there be a Season 11 of The Walking Dead?

AMC has made a lot of announcements about its franchise, and that includes the network committing to Season 11 next year. The show continues to do well and there are already plans on how some of the stories will play out through the next few years. We even learned that Lauren Cohan is returning as Maggie Greene.

In addition to The Walking Dead Season 11, Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 has been approved. The network has even given the green light to a third Walking Dead show, even though the name has not yet been revealed.

Three shows could be on the air at the same time that AMC is still producing Rick Grimes movies. Yep, that’s right, there are plans for three movies that will fill in the mystery of what happened to Rick on TWD.

One is due out very soon, with an early trailer released to create buzz and promote interest among fans. It worked. Now everyone is talking about Rick and actor Andrew Lincoln again.

For any fans who were worried that Season 10 would bring a close to the hit AMC show, it’s time to rest easy, because The Walking Dead Season 11 is already being written.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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