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Will The Flash Season 6 be on Netflix, and when?

Grant Gustin in The Flash Season 6
Grant Gustin in The Flash Season 6. When will it be on Netflix? Pic credit: The CW

The fall season has arrived, which means all our favorite programs from The CW are returning to television. Fan favorites such as Arrow, Riverdale, Charmed,  All American, and many more are back to ease the demands of hungry fans.

One of The CW’s hit shows from the Arrowverse will also make its return tonight. The show based on popular DC Comics series involving Barry Allen (aka The Flash) has been a consistent force of strong viewership for the network, so it’s no surprise the anticipation tonight is strong.

Still, most of us prefer to binge these shows once they drop on Netflix. When will The Flash Season 6 be on Netflix? Here is when to expect it on the streaming service.

What is The Flash Season 6 about?

Spoiler alert for The Flash Season 5. When the season ended in May, the series lost two major players. The first being Norah West Allen, who disintegrated in front of Barry’s eyes in a fashion that reminds one of the Thanos snap.

The other character is Cisco Ramon, who walked away with a more positive ending. At the end of his story, he was able to use the metahuman treatment, thus destroying his alter ego Vibe.

In the upcoming season, we begin to see the formations of Crisis On Infinite Earths, as it circles back to the hints of Flash disappearing. We also have the villain, Bloodwork, posing as a threat for Season 6. His character can be seen in the comic-con footage above.

There’s a lot to be excited about with the Season 6 premiere airing tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

When will The Flash Season 6 be on Netflix?

If you’re sitting around wondering what to watch on Netflix, the first five seasons of CW’s The Flash are currently streaming on the Netflix platform. For those that have already binge-watched all five seasons, Season 6 will eventually be released on the streaming service as well. In fact, most of The CW programs typically release on Netflix under a contractual understanding.

How do we know this? Netflix Life notes that the CW has an agreement that every show on the network drops on Netflix approximately eight days after the season finale.

That being said, the Season 5 finale hit the airwaves on May 14. Knowing that information, it is reasonable to expect Season 6 will be available for binging in May 2020.

Until then, keep watching for updates about CW’s The Flash on Monsters & Critics for all the information you may need!

Seasons 1-5 of The Flash are currently streaming on Netflix.

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