Will Netflix The Gentlemen return for Season 2? Here’s all we know

The Gentlemen art
Theo James stars in The Gentlemen on Netflix. Pic credit: Netflix

Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen returns as a spinoff of his acclaimed 2019 film of the same name.

However, the burning question remains: will the Netflix original series be renewed for a second season? 

Loosely tethered to the narrative of its cinematic predecessor, Netflix’s The Gentlemen centers around Eddie Halstead, played by Theo James, who unexpectedly inherits his family’s opulent estate, only to uncover its integration into a marijuana cultivation scheme orchestrated by a criminal kingpin.

In keeping with Ritchie’s distinctive style, the series offers a tongue-in-cheek escapade, where humor intertwines seamlessly with action reminiscent of the original film. 

With Ritchie’s trademark flair for storytelling prominently featured, The Gentlemen on Netflix promises an exhilarating ride for fans of the director’s work.

There is potential for a second season as the series continues to trend on Netflix. 

Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen series primed for a potential second season and expanded universe

In an exclusive interview with Deadline, Miramax boss Marc Helwig unveiled ambitious plans for the future of Guy Ritchie’s crime drama series, The Gentlemen. Originally conceived as an ongoing project with the potential for multiple seasons, the team is already laying the groundwork for a potential second installment.

“We have started that process,” Helwig revealed. “There are some writers we’ve talked to, certainly lots of discussion with Guy about what he might want to do in a second season, what things to focus on.”

However, Helwig tempered expectations, emphasizing that the first season’s success will be pivotal in determining the fate of future installments. “The first season has to perform, and then we’ll know more,” he cautioned. “But it’s been an active ongoing discussion already what a second season would be.”

Excitingly, Helwig hinted at the possibility of expanding The Gentlemen into a broader cinematic universe, akin to what Marvel has achieved with its interconnected franchises. “In success, The Gentlemen series could spawn some kind of a universe, a Guy Ritchie world,” he mused, hinting at the potential for spinoffs or even a feature film.

The Gentlemen garners positive reviews from fans and critics

Initial critical reception to Guy Ritchie’s television adaptation of The Gentlemen has been overwhelmingly positive, drawing comparisons to the energetic style characteristic of Ritchie’s films, albeit in a more scaled-back format. 

Currently holding a commendable 71% average Tomatometer and an impressive 85% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, the series has garnered praise for its strong cast and vibrant characters that embody Ritchie’s signature flair.

Critics have lauded the series for its ability to capture the essence of Ritchie’s cinematic universe, with characters that “crackle with life” as fans have come to expect from the British director. 

The Gentlemen is currently streaming on Netflix.

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