Why isn’t Yellowjackets airing a new episode on Showtime this week and when will Season 2 return?

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Melanie Lynskey stars as the older Shauna on Yellowjackets. Pic credit: ©

Yellowjackets season 2 has come back strong this year, offering up more dual storylines in the past and present involving the female soccer team that survived a plane crash.

The series, which airs on Showtime, hit the halfway mark last Friday with the fifth episode of the season.

Lots of events unfolded, Shauna has been struck with labor pains, Tai’s alter ego speaks in the present day, and the cops get the wrong tip from Callie that her mother is sleeping with her dad’s best friend, Randy.

There is also a subplot involving lotion–nothing more to say here.

But with all the mysteries, trauma, and secrets building up each episode, sadly, we will have to wait a week to learn more about the lives of the young and old Yellowjackets.

The series will return with the sixth episode on May 5. Why is Yellowjackets taking a week off?

Here is what viewers should know about the preemptive break of Yellowjackets season 2.

Why is there no episode of Yellowjackets this week?

According to a press release by Showtime, the thrilling series is taking a preemptive break. No specific reason is listed, but this is not an unusual decision.

Shows such as Game of Thrones and standard network programs such as The Big Bang Theory have been known to take a week off for various reasons.

But if we are speculating, it could be because there are only nine episodes in season 2. Taking a week’s hiatus builds anticipation and keeps the conversation alive for an extra week in May.

Given the first season did not take a break at the midpoint, it would make season 2 feel just as sprawling.

What is Yellowjackets season 2, episode 6 about?

The biggest takeaway from the mid-season finish and the preview for episode 6 is that Shauna’s baby will play heavily into the story. Chances are we will finally discover what happened to the child.

Callie seems too young to be the unborn child from the past. Therefore, it will be interesting to find out if Shauna’s baby from her castaway cannibalism days is still alive.

Outside of Shauna possibly going into labor, Christina Ricci’s character Misty has finally breached the gates of Lottie’s cult. Melanie Lynskey, as older Shauna, appears to be held up in an interrogation room. Possibly having a conversation about the aforementioned lotion.

And we hear Tai speaking in a different inhuman voice while someone cuts their hands.

Sounds like another week of wholesome family entertainment from Yellowjackets.

The Yellowjackets theme song might hint at a “no return,” but there is “no reason” to worry.

Yellowjackets season 2 will return with its sixth episode on May 5.

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