Why isn’t Fire Country on tonight and when will it return?

Max Thieriot as Bode on Fire Country
Bode’s fate hangs in the balance on Fire Country. Pic credit: CBS

Fire Country viewers will have to wait a while to learn what happened to Bode (Max Thieriot).

It’s frustrating for Fire Country fans to have the show be MIA again after only one new episode aired in March.

Season 2 of Fire County has only had four new episodes air so far.

The reason for that, of course, was because of the Writers Strike and the SAG/AFTRA strike pushing the 2023/2024 TV season into early 2024.

While many people thought TV shows would run all-new episodes until May because of the delay that is not the case.

At least this preemption for Fire Country is for a good reason, as opposed to CBS simply airing a repeat of the show.

Why isn’t Fire Country on tonight?

Fire Country isn’t on tonight because of March Madness. That’s right, it’s the time of year again when CBS becomes all about college basketball.

CBS preempts its regularly scheduled programming to cover the annual NCAA tournament. The first weekend has the most games, with the network devoting Thursday, March 21 through Sunday, March 24, to March Madness.

Yes, several shows are not on and Fire Country was no exception. March Madness will preempt Fire Country for the next couple of weeks. Ugh.

When will Season 2 of Fire Country return on CBS?

Fire Country Season 2 returns with new episodes on Friday, April 5. The good news is that after that, we should have all brand-new episodes until the finale in May.

The bad news is Fire Country fans have quite the wait to see if Bode, Cara (Sabina Gadecki), and Diego (Rafael de la Fuente) survive the ambulance crash.

When we last saw them, the three were taking Bode to the hospital after he endured wounds from a chemical fire.

Diego was driving while Cara was in the back with Bode, who was handcuffed to the gurney when the ambulance was forced off the road due to a blown-down tree. The ambulance flipped and slid as the ending credits came up.

The Fire Country Season 2, Episode 5 promo for This Storm Will Pass does nothing to indicate how this will play out. Instead, it brings up more questions as a storm wreaks more havoc.

We know Bode will be okay. The show can’t go on without him. However, Cara and Diego are both expendable so one of their lives could be lost.

Be sure to tune in on April 5 to watch the aftermath of the ambulance crash and more Fire Country drama.

Fire Country airs Friday at 9/8c on CBS. Seasons 1-2 are streaming on Paramount+.

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