Why is NCIS: New Orleans not on tonight? When does it return?

NCIS Pride
NCIS: New Orleans is off the CBS schedule for two weeks. Pic credit: CBS

Wrapping up Thanksgiving Weekend, NCIS: New Orleans is not on tonight for CBS.

The NCIS spin-off isn’t even going to air a repeat episode, as CBS is going with the movie Coming To America in its place.

This serves as some bad news for NCIS: NOLA fans who may have been looking forward to seeing what Pride (Scott Bakula) and his team are up to this week.

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The additional bad news is that the show isn’t scheduled to return next week, either, as NCIS: Los Angeles is getting a double-feature.

When does NCIS: New Orleans return to CBS?

The next new episode of NCIS: New Orleans is called We Are Fall… and it is scheduled to air on Sunday, December 13.

That’s going to seem like a long way off on the television schedule, especially since the show has only been back for three episodes of the new season.

Season 7, Episode 4 of NCIS: New Orleans is also going to debut in a new time slot, with CBS shifting things on Sunday nights.

What time is NCIS: New Orleans on television?

Beginning on December 13, NCIS: New Orleans will move back to the 10/9c time slot on Sunday nights. It will follow new episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles each Sunday and open up that 8/7c time slot for CBS.

It’s possible, that due to NFL action on December 13, that the episode could get pushed back an additional 30 minutes for East Coast and Central viewers. That has been the case for the first three episodes of the year already.

The season has already seemed a bit disjointed because the production of the new episodes is taking place during a pandemic. Quite a few fans of the show have noted how prevalent that has been on the screen. They are working even harder behind the scenes to make sure that the cast and crew remain safe each week.

Even with another hiccup on the TV schedule, it has still been a treat to get to see new episodes of the show. Some shows weren’t able to make it back during the pandemic, which proves how difficult it is to film some of the primetime shows.

One show that didn’t make it back is Survivor. CBS had to take the reality competition show off the schedule because production hasn’t been able to even film yet.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

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2 years ago

CBS needs to quit messing around with the NCIS shows! The fans are gonna jump ship if they continue. NOT to watch CBS is a choice, too! Leaving the TV off is a real choice! STOP messing with the shows!