Why is Jocko Sims leaving New Amsterdam? Doctor Reynolds’ departure explained

Jocko Sims on set as Dr. Reynolds
Dr. Reynolds has hung up his stethoscope at the Dam. Pic credit: New Amsterdam/ YouTube

Dr. Floyd Reynolds has said goodbye to all the folks at New Amsterdam in an emotional end to his career at the hospital.

The character, played by Jocko Sims, has been a mainstay of the show since its beginning. The handsome, suave, and charismatic head of Cardiovascular Surgery has proven very popular with fans.

His character has also proven really useful in tackling some difficult topics surrounding race relations.

Dr. Reynolds did his final day in style, though. He wandered through the corridors of the hospital, mentally preparing himself for his departure when he suddenly heard someone crying for help.

He quickly realized there was a boy stuck in the elevator shaft. The doctor jumped right in there with all the bravery you’d expect from this character.

With an elevator speeding towards them, Reynolds had to work fast. He managed one last save at the Dam by freeing his patient, so they both escaped just in the nick of time.

It then moved on to an emotional goodbye with hugs all around, and then he was off. Dr. Reynolds has left the building.

But is it really the last time we’ll see him on the show?

Why is Dr. Reynolds leaving New Amsterdam?

Dr. Reynolds has been toying with the idea of leaving the Dam for some time now, particularly after he suffered an injury in the operating room.

Two prison inmates walked in and started a fight with each other. When the doctor intervened; he was stabbed.

However, the main factor in his departure is clearly fiance Evie. She’s been bogged down in her busy job in San Francisco, leaving Reynolds to do most of the wedding planning by himself.

Reynolds stepped up to the plate, though, and decided to make a go of it.

Will Jocko Sims return to our screens as Dr. Reynolds?

Reynold’s left his position on amicable terms and is still considered to have high standing amongst his colleagues, so it’s feasible that a return to the Dam is possible.

Perhaps things won’t work out in San Francisco between himself and Evie.

Or perhaps more intriguingly, Reynolds might get his own spin-off show. Showrunner David Schulner spoke to CinemaBlend and said, while we wouldn’t see Jocko as the doctor at New Amsterdam, we might still see him on our screens.

Is Dr. Reynolds going to find a position in a Bay Area hospital?

The show proved to be popular for NBC. After many fans expressed dismay over a long winter hiatus, it was quickly renewed for a second season last year, so the network might consider a spin-off.

Watch new episodes of New Amsterdam at 10/9c on NBC.

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4 years ago

I am going to miss you Dr Reynolds. I hate it when a new show evolves into something magnificent, then suddenly one of the main very important characters wants to exit the building. I really hope to see you again back on the show.

4 years ago

i liked him very much hopefully he will return from time to tiime. He will be missed

4 years ago

Well there goes the season won’t br watching next year . Was looking forward to him admitting he loved the drug doctor