Whoopi Goldberg rips The View producer after being cut off during pool sex story

Whoopi Goldberg
Not everyone was excited to hear Whoopi Goldberg talk about pool sex. Pic credit: © Santoro/Admedia

The View panelists have covered an array of hot topics this week, but nothing beats the hot topic of Whoopi Goldberg‘s experience having sex in a pool.

Wednesday’s episode of The View brought on this steamy topic when the hosts were discussing how couples find it harder to be intimate while on vacation — which Whoopi seems to totally understand.

In a classic Whoopi move, she seemed annoyed by the story and tore up her notecards with a scoff.

Alyssa Farah Griffin opted to share some percentages about people fantasizing about having sex in different public spaces, and that’s when Whoopi got personal.

“If you tried to have sex in the pool, you know that’s not easy,” she revealed to the entire studio.

Joy Behar asked Whoopi to elaborate, though she may have regretted that decision afterward.

Whoopi Goldberg elaborates on her pool sex experience

“Because you’re trying to go up the hill, and you’re getting resistance,” Whoopi explained further, only to find Joy looking a bit confused.

“From the water that is within,” she tried to explain further, though her panelists seemed speechless by the response while the audience giggled.

Joy simply rolled her eyes and gave an “okay,” but Whoopi wasn’t done. However, producer Brian seemed to be finished with the topic at hand.

Whoopi continued: Because when you’re in the pool, you’re surrounded in the water. Have you ever tried to put anything–“

Joy quickly cut Whoopi off with a “Watch it now!” and Alyssa agreed, telling Whoopi, “Brian’s going to send us to commercial!”

Whoopi Goldberg slams producer for cutting off her ‘engaged’ story

Apparently, Brian was fed up with Whoopi’s story too and was ready to send the show to commercial, much to Whoopi’s dismay.

“Oh, you’re trying to move me on now, right?” she said as the camera flashed to Brian with his head in his hands. “You tell me, ‘Get engaged in the conversation.’ Then I start to get engaged, and you want me to stop talking.”

Whoopi tried to move on to another topic, but the music cut in, and The View went to commercial.

It seems that not everyone was intrigued by Whoopi’s experience, and he made sure that no one had to endure learning any more about it.

In any case, The View fans learned that Whoopi is not a fan of sex in the water, whether it’s a pool or the ocean, and understands why some people might find it hard to be intimate in those settings.

However, as far as difficulties being intimate while on vacation, she doesn’t seem to understand.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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