BB21 Spoilers: Who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother this week?

Analyse During BB21 Comp
Analyse Talavera during a Big Brother 21 competition. Pic credit: CBS

We now know who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother this week. The Veto Competition just took place on Saturday, with the winner being revealed on the CBS live feeds.

Possessing the Golden Power of Veto is pretty important this week, especially as the BB21 cast has been split down the middle. That became even more obvious when Jackson Michie won the HOH Competition.

As soon as Jackson had the power in his hands, he got to work finalizing his nominations. Jackson and Holly Allen had been planning this for several days, going back to when Tommy Bracco was the HOH.

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When it was time for the Nomination Ceremony, Jackson put Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera on the block. The trio was joined by Holly, Cliff Hogg, and Nick Maccarone in the Veto Competition on Saturday.

Who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother this week?

The POV was won by Jackson Michie. He now has the ultimate power to keep his nominations the same or target someone else. Knowing that he wants Christie out of the game, he may just pocket the Veto this week.

The Veto Ceremony will take place on Monday, where the final nominees for eviction will be set this week. That is where the BB21 cast will decide who is going to be on the block during the August 22 Eviction Ceremony.

Kat’s goodbye messages

Before Kathryn Dunn went off to the BB21 jury house, she took part in an extended interview with host Julie Chen Moonves. Kat got to see goodbye messages from the final nine houseguests, many of which had some positive things to say to her.

Some of the goodbye messages also made it seem pretty clear that these houseguests know how to work the jury. It’s a lesson they may have learned by watching what happened to Tyler Crispen in Big Brother 20 and to Paul Abrahamian the previous two seasons.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.

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