Who won the POV on Big Brother today? Live feed spoilers

Analyse Talavera And Jack Matthews On BB21
Analyse Talavera and Jack Matthews are in a showmance on Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The results of who won the POV on Big Brother today was revealed on the live feeds. The houseguests have been up to a lot over the past 48 hours, but now someone also holds the Golden Power of Veto.

Before getting to this point, an Endurance Challenge took place. It was the first one for the BB21 cast, and it played out late Thursday night. Holly Allen won it and took over the power in the house.

Holly then hosted a Nomination Ceremony, where she put Sam Smith and Nick Maccarone on the block. It set up the primary players for the Veto Competition on Saturday.

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Live feed spoilers: Who won the POV on Big Brother today?

Early on Saturday, Jessica Milagros, Tommy Bracco, and Cliff Hogg were picked to join in on the Veto Competition. They joined Nick, Sam, and Holly late Saturday to play for the power.

Nick Maccarone won the Power of Veto this week. He has complete control of his fate this week, heavily foreshadowing what he is going to do when he hosts the Veto Ceremony.

The episode on Sunday night will finally reveal to the CBS viewers what happened with the HOH Competition and who got nominated for eviction. It might also be time to reveal the Have-Nots, as those have also been selected.

The Veto Ceremony will play out on Monday, where live feed subscribers will find out who has been named a replacement nominee by Holly Allen. That’s going to set the final nominees for the upcoming Eviction Ceremony.

The houseguest who goes home on Big Brother next week will be the final one who doesn’t make it to the BB21 jury.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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