Who won HOH on Big Brother last night? Spoilers from live feeds

Big Brother 21 Evicted Houseguests
Host Julie Chen Moonves talks to the latest evictees: Kemi Fakunle, Ovi Kabir, and David Alexander. Pic credit: Minty Brinton/CBS

The houseguest who won HOH on Big Brother last night now has a lot of control in his hands. The competition didn’t get finished during the Thursday night episode, though, as they had to cover the Camp Comeback twist first.

During the episode, Cliff Hogg was evicted over Nicole Anthony on a 6-4 vote. Then, during the Camp Comeback Competition, Cliff beat out Ovi Kabir, David Alexander, and Kemi Fakunle to get right back in the game.

Who won HOH on Big Brother last night?

Following the episode, the house was busy with conversations, and most of them involved either Isabella Wang or Nick Maccarone trying to save face in the game. That went on for nearly two hours before the group sat down to eat dinner and then begin playing the fourth Head of Household Competition this summer.

The feeds went down for a while and it became obvious that the new competition was underway. As the outgoing HOH, Nick had to sit on the sidelines while the other 12 houseguests played for the power. Who from the final 13 had what it took to win the power?

When the Big Brother live feeds were turned back on, it was revealed that Cliff Hogg had won the new HOH Competition. He will now have to nominate two people for eviction.

Big Brother 21 airs new CBS episodes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.

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