Who will star on NCIS: Hawaii? Cast could depend on other shows

NCIS Full Cast Image
The network really struck gold with the NCIS cast and will try to do it again with a Hawaii spin-off. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS: Hawaii is in production to possibly be a Fall 2021 show on CBS. Some of the people who were behind NCIS: New Orleans have been tapped to help create a new NCIS spin-off that would get a primetime slot during the next television season.

There are a lot of questions about who might be on the NCIS: Hawaii cast, and that includes some fan theories about the possible return of Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo. No names have been announced for the show, but there could be some good reasons behind that.

Since the people who will work behind the scenes at NCIS: Hawaii are getting put in place, they may already have some ideas about the characters that will be on the show. It’s also possible that they have some actors and actresses in mind for the key roles.

CBS won’t want to rush into the production of this new show, especially if the first episodes wouldn’t air until September or October of 2021, and that would be under a best-case scenario. Instead, the production team could want to take its time and get the perfect people for the show.

Who could be on the NCIS: Hawaii cast?

There are a lot of shows that are on the bubble when it comes to getting reordered or canceled by various networks. If a number of those shows come to an end, it will free up a lot of additional actors and actresses who could star on NCIS: Hawaii.

One notable name is Michael Weatherly, who played Tony DiNozzo on NCIS. He is attached to the drama Bull right now, but if Bull gets canceled by CBS, it would free him up to possibly re-visit the world of NCIS. It would also make the rest of the Bull cast available as well.

Other shows that are on the bubble include the large Grey’s Anatomy cast at ABC. The Grey’s Anatomy series finale could end up airing in May and that would present another large group to tap into for possible NCIS: Hawaii characters.

Additionally, characters on current shows could get killed off in the upcoming season finales, freeing up even more people to possibly join a new NCIS spin-off. This is an example of why the writers and producers of the new NCIS show wouldn’t have to just settle for people who are not currently attached to a show.

The possibilities are really endless here and we are very excited to find out who will end up making the cut for the NCIS: Hawaii cast. Amid that excitement, we also need to point out that sometimes shows that get worked on don’t end up making it to the air. One such example is NCIS: Red, which ended up getting scrapped by CBS.

More news from the world of NCIS

Over on NCIS, Mark Harmon’s wife is joining the show. And before the season comes to an end, another actress is going to be joining the NCIS cast.

NCIS: Hawaii could debut on CBS in fall 2021.

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Marcel Lefebvre
Marcel Lefebvre
2 years ago

Would like see Zeva David instead of Tony Dinozzo, i never like the way he acted, Ziva would be just great as long that she gets some action of her own even if she in charge