Who was evicted tonight on Big Brother 21? New BB21 jury member named

Holly Allen Chatting On BB21
Holly Allen chatting in the Big Brother 21 house about some cast drama. Robert Voets/CBS

Many fans are frustrated with who was evicted tonight on Big Brother 21. It was a difficult night, as a lot of viewers were rooting for Cliff Hogg and Kathryn Dunn to make it far this summer.

Having to choose between them was not an easy endeavor, leaving a lot of fans hoping fruitlessly for a surprise twist that could save Cliff and Kat.

This scenario came about because Christie Murphy defeated the Field Trip twist. She didn’t do much to achieve that goal, but when Tommy Bracco won the Power of Veto, he saved her from being the third nominee on the block.

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Had Christie stayed on the block, Jackson Michie and Holly Allen were planning to work on voting her out. There was a definite possibility that Christie could join Jack Matthews in the BB21 jury house, but having Tommy as a final two alliance member saved her time in the game.

Michie and Holly have new plans, though.

Who was evicted tonight on Big Brother 21?

There were seven BB21 cast members placing votes at the August 15 Eviction Ceremony. They were Christie, Michie, Holly, Nick Maccarone, Nicole Anthony, Jessica Milagros, and Analyse Talavera.

During the August 15 episode, a lot of drama was shown taking place in the 24 hours before the Eviction Ceremony, splitting the house into two factions.

It appeared that Nicole was going to end up being the swing vote. The tough thing about it for her is that she was good friends with Kat and Cliff.

Kathryn Dunn was evicted from the Big Brother house. It was a 6-1 vote, with only Jessica voting against Cliff.

Following the Eviction Ceremony, the final nine houseguests went to the backyard to get the Head of Household Competition started.

It’s an Endurance Challenge that will be reported on live by Monsters and Critics. Check out the live updates as they happen Thursday night.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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