Who was evicted on Big Brother last night? Camp Comeback debuts on Big Brother 21, Episode 5

BB21 Eviction Ceremony
Ovi Kabir and Kathryn Dunn at first Big Brother 21 Eviction Ceremony. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The houseguest who was evicted on Big Brother last night was targeted by the primary alliance. That wasn’t the only revelation to viewers, though, as Camp Comeback made its debut as well.

Big Brother 21, Episode 5 showed Ovi Kabir and Kathryn Dunn working to secure the support of BB21 cast members. They were the two nominees for eviction by HOH Christie Murphy.

When Sam Smith won the Power of Veto last week, he saved Cliff Hogg from the block. Several people wanted Kemi Faknule to become the replacement nominee, but Christie preferred to go with Ovi

Who got evicted on Big Brother last night?

In a unanimous vote of 12-0, Ovi Kabir got evicted from the Big Brother house. But there was a twist that Julie Chen had for the BB21 cast.

Ovi didn’t get sent home. He wasn’t even sequestered. Ovi was told that, even though he had been evicted, he would be staying inside the house. Then, the doorbell rang. Suddenly, David Alexander was there to join him.

Camp Comeback on Big Brother

Julie let everyone know that the first day of Camp Comeback had arrived. The way it works is that the first four evicted houseguests go to a room set up for just this purpose.

It is like a Have Not Room for the summer 2019 season, but it will be where the evicted houseguests reside. Ovi and David will be joined by two more eviction targets over the next two weeks.

Once there are four residents of Camp Comeback, a competition will be held to allow one of them to return to the game. It’s a second chance that is very familiar to how Extinction Island was done on Survivor.

After Ovi got evicted from the Big Brother house last night, he thought that his time in the game had come to an end. He was pretty ecstatic when he learned the news about a second chance. Everyone else in the house acted like they were equally excited. But they aren’t.

Ovi and David will be part of the Big Brother Camp Comeback, but they won’t participate in competitions or challenges. They also aren’t just locked in that room. They can interact with the rest of the cast and that could lead to some exciting moments on the CBS live feeds.

Don’t forget that the Big Brother 21 schedule has changed, with the next episode set for Sunday, July 7.

Big Brother will now air on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS each week.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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