Who was eliminated on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2? Episode 1 recap

wes on mtv the challenge war of the worlds 2 episode 1
Wes is part of The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 and got involved with the show’s first elimination. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge YouTube

After weeks of hiatus since the previous season, MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 premiered on Wednesday, August 29.

Viewers were introduced to plenty of popular competitors from previous seasons and new participants as well. Here’s a recap including who ended up eliminated on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2’s first episode.

War of the Worlds 2 features USA vs. the UK

The Americans and the British are on opposing teams in this new War of the Worlds 2 season. Team USA includes former winners such as Wes, Johnny Bananas, Cara, Ashley, and Jordan Wiseley.

Team UK features familiar faces like Kyle, Bear, Georgia, and Rogan. The early joke is that Rogan’s on the scene longer than he lasted on the last show he was on. There are also newcomers like Sean and “Big T” for the UK.

Leroy asks, “Where in the f—k are we at?”

One of his castmates replies, “We’re in the middle of the jungle.” Check out where War of the Worlds 2 is filmed for more details about the new location for the series.

Our favorite dude, TJ Lavin is back to host. Only one team wins $1 million and the title of “Challenge Champions.”

Team USA strikes first, TJ drops early twists

The first challenge is a trench game. Players have to recover flags from the jungle, climb a wall, and plant the flags on the other side of the wall.

TJ also introduces four more competitors to the mix. CT, Dee, Ninja Natalie, and War of the Worlds winner, Bear step into the picture.

They’re the reinforcements for the first mission. Whoever wins the first mission also chooses a male and female “reinforcement” for their team.

With CT rooting them on all the way, Team USA picks up that essential first victory. Laurel gets dirty and holds off one of the UK competitors to help Team USA win.

The Americans quickly start to debate if taking a bulky CT is the right move, though. They get to choose a female first and take Ninja immediately.

After a climactic commercial break, the US chooses its male competitor, and they take Turbo. That’s the first big shock of the new season, as that floors CT.

The American team also has to choose someone to speak for them. It’s Jordan, and he gets to select two more people for the Tribunal. He takes Wes and Laurel, rather than girlfriend Tori.

These three people will attend the UK nomination and decide on one competitor from either team to face the nominated individual in elimination. TJ also drops the big twist that nobody can be in a Tribunal two times in a row.

Alliances take shape, CT nearly strikes back

Early plans form as Wes converses with Joss and Rogan. Wes admits during a behind-the-scenes interview that he “slid into DMs” of many cast members ahead of the show to begin his work.

Some drama begins that night as CT gets ticked off with Josh. The two get into a heated confrontation in CT’s room, but nobody throws any punches.

Later on, Bananas talks to Josh about Wes’s gameplan. Johnny says most seasons that Wes tries to convince others he has the most power in the house. Wes chats with members of the UK side about his upcoming vote.

The Tribunal gets to work

Wes, Laurel, and Jordan attend Team UK’s nomination meeting. Bear’s name is called out, but the majority of the team votes for the new guy Sean. He’s the winner of Shipwrecked. Team UK leaves Sean behind to chat with the Tribunal.

The Tribunal grills Sean about who he prefers to face, and he chooses Bear. Wes tells him to show sportsmanship by informing Bear of that decision, even though Team USA hasn’t officially picked him.

Jordan and Laurel chat with Bananas about things. Johnny advises they see where Wes is at by suggesting Rogan for elimination. Wes tells them he thinks Joss would be angry and go after them if they do that.

Wes tells Rogan what’s up, so Rogan goes to talk with Jordan to save himself. He quickly reveals Wes gave them the nod.

The first Proving Ground elimination

War of the Worlds 2 will decide eliminations at a place called the Proving Ground at nighttime. The Brits send Sean down to compete. Now it’s time to see what the Tribunal decides.

Wes votes for Bear first. Laurel chooses boxer Idris, and Jordan backs her up.

Idris and Sean go head-to-head on the classic Pole wrestle game. The winner is the first to win two rounds of three. Idris takes the first round despite Sean holding his own. Sean gives it his all in the second round, but Idris is a beast and wins it.

So Sean is the first elimination this season. He’s upset but motivated to come back for more.

TJ reveals another big twist. The elimination winner can “renounce their loyalty” and choose to be on the opposing team. The show closes with Idris standing next to TJ ready to decide.

Viewers can see what happens on MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 on Wednesdays at 9/8c.

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