Who plays young Zion in Ginny and Georgia? How about adult Zion?

Ginny and Georgia Season1
Nikki Roumel plays teenage Georgia in Ginny and Georgia. Pic credit: Netflix

The recurring character Zion in Ginny and Georgia is a deeply-flawed but very lovable character, despite his flaky presence throughout the series.

Zion Miller is the ex-husband of Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey) and the absent father of Ginny Miller (Antonia Gentry). 

Despite his physical absence, it is clear that Zion has a tight-knit relationship with his daughter. The character is a traveling writer but is constantly in contact with Ginny. He sends her a keyboard for her birthday, which she loved.

Before meeting the character in his adult form, rather than through flashbacks, Ginny recounts a song that he wrote for her when she was young, and she plays it on her new gift. 

However, their relationship gets messy as Zion begins to feel like an intruder in Georgia’s new life and he makes an abrupt exit after promising Ginny that he was going to stay.

But fear not, if the series gets renewed for a second season, fans can expect to see more of him as he assured Ginny that he was not moving far and will be settling down in a nearby house in Boston. 

Who plays young Zion? 

Actor Kyle Bary plays the teenage version of Zion in the Ginny and Georgia flashbacks.

As a teenager, the character was less emotionally-grounded and found himself on a rebellious “gap year” while his parents pressured him to go to law school.

After his girlfriend Georgia fell pregnant, the two began living with his parents, but after they expressed interest in custody of Ginny, Georgia ran away. 

After things went awry, Georgia returns to Zion, and while they fell back into their relationship, Zion was forced to work a job that made him unhappy to support his family and keep his parents off his back.

Refusing this to be their norm and eventually destroy their friendship, Georgia ended up breaking things off. 

Bary is best known for his role in Ginny and Georgia. However, he also appeared in single episodes of The Oath and Blacker. He also played Samuel in three episodes of the TV comedy Bumbld.

He is expected to play a lead in the upcoming Netflix drama Beauty. 

The actor reflected on his time in Season 1 of Ginny and Georgia and shared a behind-the-scenes image with the caption, “So excited to be a part of this show and this cast.”

Who plays adult Zion? 

The adult version of Zion is played by Nathan Mitchell, an actor who has had a busy career for the last decade. He played Jeffery in three episodes of the 2007 TV comedy Aliens in America. 

Since then, he has made short appearances in various TV series like Arrow, where he played Isaac Stanzler in two episodes. Other shows include Covert Affairs, iZombie, and Supernatural. 

More recently he appeared in The Boys as Black Noir.

Mitchell engaged with his Ginny and Georgia fans by posting a photo from the set with the caption, “Caption this. What is Zion thinking right here?”

Both fans and members from the show’s cast and crew commented on the image, offering an abundance of witty captions.

Ginny and Georgia is currently streaming on Netflix.

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