Ginny and Georgia: Will there be a Season 2?

Promotional still from Ginny and Georgia.
Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry star in Ginny and Georgia. Pic credit: Netflix

The recently released young adult drama Ginny and Georgia broke some hearts with its season finale— which was a total cliffhanger. Now, many are asking if the show will be returning for a second season. 

Will there be a Season 2? 

There is much left unknown about the future of the Netflix show Ginny and Georgia due to the newness of the series. However, the series was instantly trending on Netflix around the world and within 48 hours, it made its way to the top of the trending list in the U.S. 

While Netflix has yet to confirm a Season 2 for Ginny and Georgia, it would be silly for them to let go of a fan-favorite series. They seemed to have hinted at their liking of the show, releasing a Netflix Afterparty episode with the cast soon after the show’s premiere. 

So far, Netflix Afterparty has only covered big shows like Emily in Paris and Fate: the Winx Sage and the threequel of the movie series To All the Boys, all of which have been renewed for multiple installments. 

Although the series seems to be poised for another season, what might hold it back from renewal is a recent tweet that has gone viral. The tweet includes a scene between two biracial characters arguing about who’s more affected by discrimination. The Twitter user captioned it, “I’m done with Netflix” and people in the comments are accusing the show of colorism and low-quality writing.

What could be expected in Season 2? 

Beware, spoilers for Ginny and Georgia Season 1 ahead. 

The first season of Ginny and Georgia ended with Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and her brother, Austin (Diesel La Torraca), running away from home after discovering that their mother is responsible for the deaths of multiple men — specifically their last step-father

Throughout the series, there’s the recurring theme of Ginny not being able to trust her mother, Georgia (Brianne Howey). While Ginny protects Georgia by evading the questions asked to her by a private investigator, she still feels cheated and hurt by her mother’s decisions. 

Austin is also facing a fall-out with Georgia after he discovered that his mother was writing letters to him addressed from his father, who’s seemingly in jail. He finds a stash of her letters and a hefty wad of cash in a hideaway spot in her closet. 

Ginny mails the letters to the jail that is supposedly housing Austin’s father and they steal Georgia’s cash to go on the run, escaping on their neighbor’s motorcycle. While this happens, Georgia is celebrating her fiance’s recent win for town mayor. She is unknowing of her children’s escape and claims that they wouldn’t miss the event. 

She also connects with the private investigator and hints that the ashes of her last kill were mixed in the fireworks. She tells him this as the fireworks are already denoting. 

Presumably, the next season would pick up right where the show left off. As so much time and effort were put into developing the Westbury characters, it is likely that Ginny and her brother will be returning to the town or that time will be evenly split between the children’s new adventure and Georgia’s life at Westbury. 

It will be interesting to see how the show’s creators will balance Georgia’s drive to be a caring mother — whose first instinct would be to locate her children — and her criminal past, which might cause a problem if she involves authorities with the search for her two children. 

All that’s known is if we do get a second season of Ginny and Georgia, it will be just as exciting and eventful as what preceded it. 

Ginny and Georgia is now streaming on Netflix.

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