Ginny and Georgia: How have critics reacted? Are the Gilmore Girls fans hanging in there?

Promotional still from Ginny and Georgia.
Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry star in Ginny and Georgia. Pic credit: Netflix

The highly-anticipated young adult series Ginny and Georgia just premiered on Netflix. From the trailer alone, the show’s announcement shook the young online community and Gilmore Girls fans as it has been continuously compared to the show— both by Netflix and in the show’s trailer. 

But after watching Ginny and Georgia, it will be clear that the comparison ends at the show’s focus on a mother-daughter duo. The new Netflix show is laced with dark secrets, some ill-fated deaths, and the topic of interracial and LGBTQIA+ relationships. 

What are critics saying?

The critic score of Ginny and Georgia on Rotten Tomatoes is a low 67% with 18 reviews being counted. However, as the show is still new and reviews are still being written, the website hasn’t confirmed a general consensus. 

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The “rotten” reviews criticize the show for tackling too much — being “overstuffed” — and for being oddly sympathetic towards abusive behaviors. 

Kristen Baldwin from Entertainment Weekly gave the show a comfortable B- and wrote, “Ginny & Georgia wants us to love the way that Georgia always manages to stay one step ahead […] Instead, I kept hoping that Child Protective Services would finally catch up.”

What are fans saying? 

User rating on IMDb has currently marked the show as a 7.1/10 based on 129 user reviews and Google has reported that 93% of watchers enjoy the show. 

But let’s see what Twitter users have to say as we all know the importance that a supportive online community has on the future success of a show — most of the time. 

Ginny actor Antonia Gentry has taken the internet by storm. At the top of the Ginny and Georgia trending page is a Twitter user posting images of the actor from her recent Teen Vogue interview saying, “I love her.”

Another wrote, “Maybe I’m in love with Georgia Miller.”

Others weighed in on Ginny’s love triangle. One fan wrote, “It’s true, Ginny and Marcus got me bad.”

But here’s the real question, how is the Gilmore Girls fandom hanging in there? After the show released its trailer which featured Ginny’s 30-year-old mom telling her, “We’re like the Gilmore Girls but with bigger boobs,” Gilmore Girls fans went berzerk. 

Many attacked the show for using the name of Gilmore Girls to gather attention and for promotion. But it seems like the lively story of Georgia and Ginny might have won them over. 

Gilmore Girls fan, Mads, tweeted, “Me going to watch Ginny & Georgia after I attacked it for being a Gilmore Girls knock-off.”

Another wrote, “Ginny and Georgia [is] already more interesting than Gilmore Girls I fear.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this develops as more people see the show. But as of now, even with its mixed critical reception, it seems as though the show’s young adult and teen viewership are loving Season 1.

Ginny and Georgia is now streaming on Netflix.

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