Who plays Spencer Downing on NCIS? Gregory Itzin returns to show

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Gregory Itzin joins the NCIS cast for a new episode of the show. Pic credit: ImageCollect.com/Globe-Photos

Spencer Downing is a new character on NCIS for tonight’s episode. However, Gregory Itzin, the actor playing him, isn’t actually new to the show.

Season 17, Episode 16 of the show is called Ephemera and it debuts on Tuesday night. The team is going to be investigating the suicide of Retired Navy Master Chief Arturo “Art” Amador (played by Joe Renteria).

The first promo for the new episode confused some CBS viewers because it included Cote de Pablo as Ziva David. She won’t be appearing in it, though.

Instead, the episode is going to be something that Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap would be proud of. The main characters are going to be shown living the life of Art, which could lead to some fun moments.

Who plays Spencer Downing on NCIS cast?

Actor Gregory Itzin is returning to the NCIS cast for this new episode. Some CBS viewers may have forgotten he was even on the show as another character.

Way back in 2003, Itzin guest-starred as Director Charlie during two episodes, Yankee White and Seadog, but that was the end of that particular character on the series.

Now, Itzin is going to play an interesting new role, which likely won’t be very similar to when he first popped up as part of the NCIS cast.

Gregory Itzin acting credits

Over the years, Itzin has been on quite a few different shows as a guest-star or recurring character. He has also appeared in a lot of films, but mostly as a character actor.

Itzin’s most recognizable role has to be as President Charles Logan on 24. He was a great antagonist on the show to Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer. He brought a lot to the part and left a lasting legacy with 24 fans.

Other prominent roles that Itzin has had on television include Senator Dwyer on Big Love, Virgil Minelli on The Mentalist, Henry Wilcox on Covert Affairs, and D.A. Roger Garfield on Murder One.

In films, he has appeared as Dr. Greg Jameson in the Lindsay Lohan film, I Know Who Killed Me, and as the clerk at the Mint Hotel in Johnny Depp’s film, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

It’s fun to also note that in addition to NCIS, Itzin also appeared on JAG, way back in 1997.

Make sure to tune in for the all-new episode of NCIS tonight. As a reminder, the last episode was Valentine’s Day-themed, with Sloane getting a nice gift and card from her daughter.

Other guest stars on the new episode include Nike Doukas as NHHC Deputy Director Marie Stanhope and K. Callan as Bertha Jones-Delacroix.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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