NCIS recap: Vance and Gibbs on a dating app? Yes please! Plus, Phil Brooks returns

New NCIS Cast
Gibbs, Bishop, and McGee investigate on new Season 17 episode of NCIS. Pic credit: CBS

This NCIS recap is from the episode called Lonely Hearts that aired on February 11. It was a fun hour of television — with a lot of it tied to the theme of Valentine’s Day.

There were also a lot of guest stars, beginning with Phil Brooks popping up again. Actor Don Lake returned to the show — this time with a hot date. As a reminder, he is friends with Gibbs.

Actress Daphne Zuniga also guest-starred as Navy Commander Stacy Gordon. It turned out she was someone that Phil had met using a dating app geared toward people in the Navy.

Lonely Hearts recap

Two men were found murdered, and the lead suspect in the case was Stacy Gordon. She had dated both of them, and it led the NCIS team to suspect that she might have had something to do with their deaths.

When they went to speak with her, that’s when they discovered that Phil was dating Stacy. One theory floated early in the episode was that he might become her next victim.

The story got even more cloudy when it was revealed that her husband had also died under suspicious circumstances.

The surprise revelation was that Stacy’s husband had been murdered by one of his cousins. He wanted to be with Stacy, which also led to him killing two guys that she had been dating.

He had plans to kill Phil, but Gibbs arrived in time to save them both.

Valentine’s Day subplots with NCIS cast

As Bishop was playing around with the Navy dating app early in the episode, she came across a profile that Vance had created.

It led to some humorous moments as Bishop, Torres, and McGee read through the profile and saw that his profile picture was of him in a bathing suit.

The dating app surfaced again at the end of the episode. After Phil and Stacy decided to continue their relationship, Phil showed up at Gibbs’ house to tell him that he had created a profile for him. He also bought Gibbs a new phone to use it on.

The video below is the scene where Gibbs decides whether or not he is going to use the phone with the dating app:

There was also a subplot where Sloane received a Valentine’s Day gift from a secret admirer. At the very end of the episode, though, she discovers it was from Faith, her estranged daughter.

It was a touching moment to close out this episode, much like when Bishop and Torres held hands in his hospital room.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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