Who plays Mona on FBI? New episode features Yasmine Aker

OA And Mona
Zeeko Zaki as Special Agent Omar Adom ‘OA’ Zidan and Yasmine Aker as Mona Nazari on FBI cast. Pic credit: CBS

Mona is back on FBI tonight for the first new episode in a while.

The character of Mona Nazar is played by actress Yasmine Aker, who joined the FBI cast during Season 2.

This will mark the third episode that Mona has been on screen, but she has also been referenced at other times due to her relationship with OA (played by Zeeko Zaki).

New FBI episode is called ‘Broken Promises’

On March 10, Season 2, Episode 17 of FBI will air on CBS. The show has been on hiatus for the past two weeks — first because of the South Carolina debates and then because of Super Tuesday taking place.

Now, the trio of CBS shows on Tuesday night return, including the new episode of FBI that is called “Broken Promises.”

According to CBS, the team is called to the scene of a murder and quickly suspects political motivation. In addition to that investigation, Maggie contemplates a decision that could affect her entire career.

It looks to be a good episode of the show, and hopefully, that is the case, because viewers have been starved for a new episode from the wonderful FBI cast.

Below is a sneak peek of the March 10 episode:

Who plays Mona on FBI?

As we mentioned, Mona returns for Season 2, Episode 17, suggesting that she is going to be sharing some more scenes with OA. We can only hope that there will be some more sparks from their relationship.

Actress Yasmine Aker is back to play Mona again and she has certainly been a welcome addition to the FBI cast this season. Aker, along with Catherine Haena Kim (she plays Emily Ryder) and Alana De La Garza (she plays Isobel Castille) have definitely improved the show during Season 2.

As far as what Aker was up to before she joined the show, that includes a number of appearances on television and in films.

Aker’s top credits have included playing Dr. Peri Gordon on The 100, appearing as an Afghan teacher in 12 Strong, and popping up as Sana for an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Additional shows that Aker has been seen on include Colony, The Night Shift, Chaldea (as Sarva), and Agent Carter. That last one was a Marvel spin-off from the Captain America films starring Peggy Carter.

Now, we get to see Aker play Mona again, and it’s been a great way to show a different side of OA on the show. Revealing the softer side of tough characters and investigating their personal lives always helps flesh out a show and create a situation where it lasts a long time on television.

FBI airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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