Who plays Mona on FBI? New episode features Yasmine Aker

Mona is back on FBI tonight for the first new episode in a while. The character of Mona Nazar is played by actress Yasmine Aker, who joined the FBI cast during Season 2. This will mark the third episode that Mona has been on screen, but she has also been referenced at other times due


Mona Nazari on FBI cast: Yasmine Aker returns to show

Mona Nazari is on FBI for the new episode that airs January 28. The character is back on the FBI cast and part of what looks to be another intriguing installment of Season 2. Viewers will remember Mona from when she first appeared back in November during an episode called Outsider. That was when a


Who plays Mona Nazari on FBI cast? Actress Yasmine Aker joins show

Mona Nazari is the new love interest of Special Agent Omar Adom “OA” Zidan on the FBI cast. It’s going to put OA in a position where he has to open up to someone new and it appears that difficulties are on the horizon. According to CBS, during the new FBI episode called “Outsiders,” the