Who plays Mona Nazari on FBI cast? Actress Yasmine Aker joins show

Yasmine Aker 100
Yasmine Aker during an episode of The 100. She now plays Mona on FBI cast. Pic credit: CW

Mona Nazari is the new love interest of Special Agent Omar Adom “OA” Zidan on the FBI cast. It’s going to put OA in a position where he has to open up to someone new and it appears that difficulties are on the horizon.

According to CBS, during the new FBI episode called “Outsiders,” the relationship between Mona and OA is going to be explored a bit further. It has also been advertised that he “struggles to maintain confidence in his budding relationship.”

It will be interesting for CBS viewers to see a new side of OA (played by Zeeko Zaki). Through much of the first season of the show, many primary storylines focused on Special Agent Maggie Bell (played by Missy Peregrym). Now, it’s time to flesh out her partner a bit more.

The image below was shared on the Twitter account for the show and it shows Mona (Yasmine Aker) cozying up to OA during a scene of the show.

Who plays Mona Nazari on FBI cast?

Actress Yasmine Aker has been seen in a number of projects over the years. That includes popping up in the made-for-television CSI movie that closed out the hit show.

Aker has also appeared on Grey’s Anatomy, The 100, and Colony in smaller roles. She also appeared in several movies, including 12 Strong, starring Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, and Michael Pena.

Now, she gets to take on the role of a possible significant other to one of the main characters on FBI. How long will her story arc last? FBI fans will need to tune in to the next episode to see if OA is successful at navigating his professional life while maintaining some time for himself on the side.

Season 2 continues to do well for FBI on CBS and it appears to have found a nice spot in the primetime schedule between NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans.

FBI airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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