Who plays Kam Hanna on NCIS: LA cast? Kayla Smith returns in The Frogman’s Daughter

Kayla Smith NCIS LA
Kayla Smith has joined the NCIS: Los Angeles cast as Kamran Hanna. Pic credit: CBS

Kam Hanna is a main part of the NCIS: Los Angeles cast for Season 12, Episode 10 of the show.

The new episode is called The Frogman’s Daughter and it refers directly to Kam Hanna. The frogman, in this instance, is NCIS Agent Sam Hanna, who was once a Navy SEAL.

Rather than play a supporting character in the new episode, Kam is going to be the main component, as she is about to get abducted. Those aren’t considered NCIS: LA spoilers, as CBS is heavily advertising what is about to take place. The episode title didn’t leave anything to the imagination, either.

The plot for this episode is also likely why the writers and producers brought in someone new to play the part. Gone is the younger actress who played Kam Hanna, and in her place is a songstress looking to expand her acting credits.

Actress Layla Crawford previously held down the part of Kamran Hanna. She was off filming a new adaptation of King Richard when the character on NCIS: LA was scheduled to return.

As a big bonus, we get to see LL COOL J in some very dramatic situations and as we have seen in the past, his character typically stops at nothing to save the day.

Who plays Kam Hanna on NCIS: LA cast?

Kayla Smith is still best known as the daughter of former NBA star Kenny Smith. He is one of the hosts of Inside the NBA on TNT after winning two NBA championships with the Houston Rockets. Kenny also participated in the NBA Slam Dunk Competition during his career.

Through her acting credits, Kayla appeared on the reality show called Meet the Smiths, which was all about their family.

Kayla has also appeared as Olivia on Star, as Carly on Ambitions, as Rochelle Mosley on All American, on an episode of Black Lightning, and in the movie Payment Received.

And all of these acting credits are in addition to the music that she has put out. Kayla Brianna, as she is known in music circles, has over 35 million streams and views of her music and her videos.

Now, after appearing in several episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 already, Kayla is becoming very well-known for her role on the show. That might become even more so over the three episodes that will close out the month of February.

More NCIS: Los Angeles news

As we mentioned, the month of February holds a slew of new episodes for NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12. It will be an exciting stream of stories presenting some new content, with a lot of it centered on the character of Kamran Hanna.

There are also a lot of new episodes for NCIS: New Orleans on the CBS schedule, so Sunday nights are going to be packed with new content for weeks to come.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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