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Who plays Doug Timmins on FBI: Most Wanted? Charlie Tahan guest stars

Charlie Tahan
Charlie Tahan joins FBI: Most Wanted as Doug Timmins for Episode 3 of Season 1. Pic credit:

Doug Timmins is the FBI: Most Wanted fugitive tonight. The team is tasked with tracking him down and figuring out exactly what he plans to do during the January 21 installment of the FBI spin-off.

It looks to be an intense new episode of the show, where a young man becomes traumatized by a mass shooting that he survives. It leads to him becoming radicalized and turning into an anti-government terrorist that has to be stopped.

There appears to be a revenge motive in play for the character of Doug Timmins and the Fugitive Task Force has to figure out what is the end-game is before it is too late.

This is also going to be the first time that the show has dealt with a younger fugitive, with Henry Thomas first playing a doctor and Denise Tyson playing the mother of a jailed man over the first two episodes.

Who plays Doug Timmins on FBI: Most Wanted cast?

Actor Charlie Cahan is going to be the primary guest star of the new episode. He seems like a formidable character for the FBI: Most Wanted cast to deal with, even if his age is on the younger side.

Cahan has quickly been making a name for himself on television shows. He played Wyatt Langmore on Ozark, he appeared as Dean Merrill on Castle Rock, he was Ben Burke on Wayward Pines, and he was also Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) on Gotham.

Cahan also played some memorable roles when he was younger, including Sam St. Cloud in the Zac Efron film, Charlie St. Cloud. He also appeared in I Am Legend as Ethan, as the voice of Victor Frankenstein in Frankenweenie, and several other smaller roles.

A lot of social media buzz also came out when he played Josh in the film, Super Dark Times.

Expect to see more from Charlie Cahan in future projects, but, for now, tune in to the January 21 episode of FBI: Most Wanted to see what he can do with the troubled character of Doug Timmins.

For viewers looking ahead to future episodes of the show, executive producer Dick Wolf has already confirmed that an FBI and FBI: Most Wanted crossover event is coming soon. That should lead to another exciting fugitive for the two shows to deal with.

FBI: Most Wanted airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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