Who plays Disco Bob Ruzek on the Chicago P.D. cast?

Jack Coleman Chicago P.D.
Adam Ruzek’s father returns to Chicago P.D. for a new episode. Pic credit: NBC

Bob Ruzek is returning to the Chicago P.D. cast for the next episode of the show and it is going to be a stressful one for Officer Adam Ruzek.

According to the synopsis for Chicago P.D. Season 8, Episode 10, the elder Ruzek will be in trouble, and Adam will have to work hard to save his father.

The television promo makes it look like this will be a very dramatic hour of television and that it will take all of the Intelligence Unit to solve this case.

We haven’t seen Disco Bob Ruzek on an episode of Chicago P.D. in a while, but his face should be pretty recognizable to viewers. Whether or not he will be saved from this abduction, that’s not entirely clear.

Who plays Bob Ruzek on Chicago P.D. cast?

Actor Jack Coleman returns for the Chicago P.D. episode called The Radical Truth. It will air for the first time on Wednesday, March 31.

We last saw Coleman on the show back in 2018 when he guest-starred on the episode called Fathers and Sons. Before that, he debuted in a 2015 episode called Disco Bob. This new episode will be the third time that viewers have seen Coleman as Bob Ruzek.

Coleman has been acting for a long time, over which he has starred in or been a recognizable recurring character on a lot of different shows. His most famous role is still as Noah Bennett on Heroes and then Heroes Reborn.

The long-time actor also appeared as Senator William H. Bracken on Castle, as Daniel Douglas Langston on Scandal, as Andrew Strong on Burn Notice, and State Senator Rob Lipton on The Office.

Let’s also not forget that Coleman played Jake Kositchek on Days of our Lives and then starred as Steven Carrington on Dynasty for many years.

More episodes of Chicago P.D. Season 8

Another new episode of Chicago P.D. will debut on NBC on Wednesday, April 7. This will be Season 8, Episode 11, and it is called Signs of Violence. The focus will be on Detective Upton as she tries to help solve a case that hits home for her and begins to remind her of her own childhood traumas.

NBC has already announced the Chicago P.D. season finale date, and the great news is that it won’t come until near the end of May. That gives all of the One Chicago shows a lot of time to roll out new episodes before this television season comes to a close.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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