Who plays baby Jack on This Is Us and is the baby blind in real life?

What is the name of the baby that plays baby Jack on This Is Us.
Baby Jack on This Is Us is played by Poppy and Wells Adams. Pic credit: NBC

After an episode that showed Toby (Chris Sullivan) finally bonding with his son, fans want to know who plays baby Jack on This Is Us? Viewers also want to know if the baby is blind in real life

Baby Jack has become a fixture on the NBC drama this season. The revelation that Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby’s son is blind has been a pivotal story for the couple, as well as moving the show forward.

Baby Jack and his condition have even helped create a future timeline. This Is Us Season 4 premiere introduced adult Jack (Blake Stadnik), who is a successful singer. He falls in love with Lucy (Auden Thornton), a waitress, in the season opener. The last time fans saw the couple, they were expecting their first child together.

Since the premiere, fans have learned quite a bit about Blake, the visually impaired actor, who plays adult Jack. Now viewers want more details on baby Jack on This Is Us.

Who plays baby Jack on This Is Us?

Twins, Weldon “Wells” Barnes and Poppy Barnes, play baby Jack on This is Us. Yes, Toby and Kate’s onscreen baby son is played by a boy and a girl.

It is not uncommon for twins to play one character on television as a baby through toddler age. Wells and Poppy will celebrate their first birthday in March.

The twins’ parents often post photos of them on social media, along with their older siblings, who are also twins, McCoy & Violet.

Yep, the Barnes family consists of two sets of twins. Matt and Stacy Barnes are the parents and they share their journey on the family website. It is quite a story.

Now Poppy and Wells aren’t the only babies to play baby Jack. Jelly baby is a doll that looks just like the twins and is often featured in scenes on the NBC drama. The times when baby Jack is not the focal point, the doll is used instead of twins.

Are the twins that play baby Jack blind in real life?

Neither Poppy nor Wells is blind in real life. It is difficult enough for any television show to have a baby on set. Adding a visual impairment would have been more challenging for the cast and crew.

Chrissy shared with People magazine that she had to train her mind on how to think as a mom of a blind baby since the twins can see in real life.

“The real baby is not seeing impaired. So, it’s really about training your mind to narrate, or before something happens, to make sure that you’re explaining what’s going to happen as to not surprise the baby,” she shared with the magazine.

Fans of This Is Us are falling in love with baby Jack. Each time the baby is featured in an episode, viewers are gushing over the twins that play Toby and Kate’s son.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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