Who is Vivian Cahill on Bull? Anna Wood guest stars on new episode

Bull Feb 17 Ep
Freddy Rodriguez, Anna Wood, and Michael Weatherly on the Bull cast for a new episode. Pic credit: CBS

The Bull cast is joined by Anna Wood tonight. She is who plays Vivian Cahill for Season 4, Episode 15 of the show.

The February 17 episode of the show may have a tough time following up last week’s episode, where Izzy Colon and Jason Bull became parents.

Benny Colon also became an uncle, and it was fun to see them all enjoy the big moment in their lives. It was also really good to see actress Yara Martinez back on the show.

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But the show must go on, and another case has arrived for the TAC team.

Flesh and Blood involves a professional gambler

For the February 17 Bull episode, the team is going to help in the murder trial defense of an old friend of Bull. That’s where Vivian Cahill — an in-debt professional gambler — comes into play.

Vivian is accused of killing her wealthy father to gain her inheritance, but Bull and Benny know that she had a complicated relationship with him before he died.

Can they save their client?

But that’s not all that is about to take place… as hinted at on the social media page for Bull:

Who is Vivian Cahill on Bull cast?

Actress Anna Wood plays Vivian Cahill on the new episode, and it looks like the character could be a fun one. But she is also in a very tight spot where she needs her friend to save her from going to prison.

Wood has been on several television shows over the years in very recognizable roles. Most recently, she played Maya Dobbins on The Code, and she was very good on the cast.

Wood has also played Olivia Watson on Falling Water, Jamie Sawyer on Reckless, and young Sarah Walker on Brothers & Sisters.

She also has a lot of guest-starring appearances on her resume, which include multiple episodes on The Following, Madam Secretary, and Deception.

Back in 2012, she even appeared on an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles called Patriot Acts, and an episode of Mad Men called Christmas Waltz.

Below is a video where Anna Wood and Luke Mitchell did an interview to help promote The Code for CBS.

Luke Mitchell & Anna Wood Speak On The CBS Series, "The Code"

The Bull ratings continue to be good for the show, and CBS hopes that continues through February sweeps. Continued success could lead to a Season 5 renewal notice very soon.

Regarding the Bull February 17 episode, other guest stars include Jonathan Hogan as Terrence Cahill, Stacey Sargeant as ADA Barrett, and Enid Graham as Judge Wallace.

Bull airs Monday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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