Who is the Pop Culture Jeopardy host? Fans may have figured it out

ken jennings face shot as host of jeopardy on abc
Will Ken Jennings also host the upcoming Jeopardy! spinoff? Pic credit: ABC

The popular game show Jeopardy! will soon have a spinoff featuring pop culture questions.

Earlier this week, the Pop Culture Jeopardy show news arrived, with Amazon Prime to present the episodes via their platform.

Early reports indicated the game show features clues and questions based on music, movies, television, sports, and more.

Jeopardy! executive producer Michael Davies will also produce the pop culture spinoff for Sony Pictures Television.

As of this writing, no details have been released about who will host the spinoff game show.

However, several fans believe they may have spotted a clue as to who will host the episodes on Amazon Prime.

Did fans figure out the Jeopardy! spinoff host?

Hosts for Jeopardy! have included longtime host Alex Trebeck, actress Mayim Bialik and now Ken Jennings. Finding a good host isn’t easy, and the choices can be polarizing with viewers.

Other current game show hosts include Drew Carey for The Price Is Right, Steve Harvey for Family Feud, and Wayne Brady for Let’s Make a Deal!

With details still scarce about who will host the Jeopardy Pop Culture spinoff, fans went into speculation mode on a Reddit forum post.

“Time to speculate on hosts! Unless Ken [Jennings] is doing it which is cool too. Please not [Ryan] Seacrest,” one commenter wrote regarding their disapproval of the new Wheel of Fortune host.

Someone suggested former contestant Katie Nolan would host the Jeopardy! spinoff show, with a commenter replying, “She retweeted this article and has worked with Michael Davies before.”

“That would be fun,” another commenter wrote.

reddit comments screenshot as fans believe they know jeopardy spinoff host
Pic credit: @CoolVidsFTW/

Fans mentioned a few other choices for potential hosts of the Jeopardy! spinoff.

“I’m guessing Buzzy, though my dream pick for a show like this is Questlove. The man is a living encyclopedia of pop culture,” a commenter said.

“I was super excited for this but with Buzzy I’d be through the roof!” another individual replied.

fans speculate who will host jeopardy pop culture spinoff in reddit screenshot comments
Pic credit: @CoolVidsFTW/

Questlove is best known as a musical artist who achieved fame and success with the hip-hop group The Roots. They currently appear as the band for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Buzzy Cohen is a former Jeopardy! champion who the late Alex Trebek dubbed “Mr. Personality.” He achieved an impressive nine-game winning streak while on the answer-and-question game show.

Buzzy has the qualifications, too. He hosted a Jeopardy! Insider podcast and History Channel’s The Einstein Challenge.

Who is show host Katie Nolan?

Katie Nolan, 37, is best known for appearing as a sports personality on Fox Sports 1 and ESPN. In her earliest gig, she was a digital correspondent for the Regis Philbin-hosted Crowd Goes Wild on FS1.

ESPN hired her in 2017, and she went on to appear regularly as a guest on various shows, including Highly Questionable. In 2018, she ultimately received her series, Always Late with Katie Nolan, which the network canceled in 2020.

As of September 2021, she revealed she was leaving ESPN. She’s since worked as part of the NBC Olympics coverage for the 2022 Winter Olympics and as part of the broadcast team for Apple TV’s Friday Night Baseball.

In the Reddit comments that mentioned Nolan, one individual mentioned that she retweeted a Variety report about Pop Culture Jeopardy.

In addition, Nolan tweeted out details and a link for taking the Pop Culture Jeopardy Anytime Test (below).

Based on the details at the link, individuals compete in teams of three. According to the website, prospective contestants need to figure out who their three-person team is and then each submit the test.

Nolan previously appeared as a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy!, which could have helped her audition as a host for the spinoff. She had a thrilling tiebreaker moment against fellow celeb contestant, Law & Order’s Christopher Meloni.

With Nolan retweeting two articles related to the upcoming spinoff game show, it could hint at her as the Amazon Prime show’s host or simply be due to her fandom. Jeopardy! fans hope the spinoff gets a suitable host to run the show.

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