Wheel of Fortune critics protest ‘padding’ contestants’ scores, demand it be ‘more like The Price Is Right’

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Wheel watchers are fed up with some of the game’s rules. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia/Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Wheel of Fortune fans are up in arms over one of the game show’s rules, and they’re calling on producers to implement some major changes.

The popular weeknight game show has operated with the same rules for almost 50 years.

One rule, in particular, though, has Wheel watchers griping online because they feel it gives contestants an unfair advantage.

If a contestant wins a trip during their appearance, the value of the trip is credited to their overall winnings as a cash dollar amount.

This means the player not only walks away with an all-expenses-paid trip but is also awarded the dollar amount—something that doesn’t sit well with Wheel of Fortune viewers.

A critic who considers this rule to be unfair gameplay took to Reddit recently to voice their opinions in a post titled, “I wish the money won for trips weren’t added with their cash wins.”

Wheel comments on Reddit
Pic credit: @Scorp1oLady/Reddit

Fellow Redditors suggested that instead of continuing with the current rules, Wheel of Fortune change its tune and adhere to the rules of another popular game show: The Price Is Right.

Wheel of Fortune fans agree producers should make the show more like The Price Is Right

In response to the Reddit author’s proposition, another Wheel of Fortune viewer chimed in, “That’s always been the case. Their final total includes cash and prizes.”

“As for prizes, I wish they’d give away more than just trips,” the comment continued. “Maybe something like game rooms, home theaters, jewelry and some of the stuff they give away on The Price Is Right and Let’s Make a Deal.”

wheel of fortune viewers complain on reddit
Pic credit: u/Scorp1oLady/Reddit

Agreeing with the suggestion, the author of the post replied, “That’s a good idea!”

Bringing up the old-school format of Wheel of Fortune prize giveaways, u/EditorMike87 added, “Y’all should check out some of the early episodes, back when they literally chose from a variety of prizes after each round!”

Agreeing with u/Scorp1oLady’s post, another fan of the show chimed in, echoing the sentiment.

“I’ve always hated that they do this,” they griped. “The person who wins a trip is being rewarded twice: They get the actual trip when the show is over and they get the cash value of the trip added to their ingame total to help pad their score. It’s an absolute travesty they do this.”

Redditor u/jjc927 added their two cents, arguing, “They’d have too many times that the winner’s total was too low if the Prize Puzzle trip value wasn’t added on to their winnings.”

More and more critics are getting vocal about Wheel of Fortune

It seems that this season on Wheel of Fortune — which is longtime host Pat Sajak’s last — viewers have been more outspoken than ever regarding their dislike for certain rules and contestants’ outcomes.

Wheel of Fortune watchers have complained about contestants missing out on big cash prizes due to mistakes they felt were Pat’s fault or even Wheel of Fortune producers’ fault.

One major gripe from Wheel of Fortune critics was that contestants had not won the $1 million grand prize in a Bonus Round, which hasn’t occurred in quite some time.

Viewers hope that one lucky contestant will cash in big time on the $1 million payout, at least before Pat officially retires in June 2024.

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