Who is Shannon Soucie from NCIS? ‘In memory of’ dedication ends episode

Gibbs On NCIS AGain
NCIS paid tribute to Shannon Soucie following Season 18, Episode 13. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS aired a title card in memory of Shannon Soucie at the end of the Tuesday night episode.

The dedication for Shannon Soucie didn’t go into detail about her connection to the show, but she may have worked in the make-up department.

An IMDb page for someone by that name includes credits for Alpha Dog, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Push, Nevada, and The Second Civil War. It does not, however, mention NCIS.

There is also a mention of a Shannon Soucie on the list of Emmy wins and nominations over the years. According to that page, she received nominations for Outstanding Hairstyling For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special in 2000.

It states that her work was on Geppetto, which aired on ABC that year.

More online about Shannon Soucie

There is a note on the Make-Up Artist and Hairstylists Guild’s official website that states she passed away. It is only accessible to members of the guild, but the note states that Soucie was born in 1965 and passed away in 2021.

In Memory
A note from someone to Shannon Soucie. Pic credit: @CurtisBrent/Twitter

If CBS releases a statement about the ties that Shannon Soucie has to the show, we will pass that on as well. For now, it appears she worked in the make-up department if her past credits are any indication of the work she was doing.

NCIS Season 18 has more episodes to go

There are still three more NCIS Season 18 episodes to air this spring. The next one, which is slated to air on May 11, is going to be a big one for the show. An actor from the past is rejoining the NCIS cast for this special episode.

After that, we have the final two episodes, with an actress joining the show in an important role.

Katrina Law is the actress joining NCIS. She also has an option to return for Season 19 of the show, so it will be interesting to see if her character gets to come back.

This seems like a replacement for Jack Sloane on the show, but the producers haven’t officially indicated that this is the plan. Yet.

The additional great news is that NCIS Season 19 has been ordered by CBS. It means there are more episodes of the show to come during the 2021-2022 television season, with the expectation that NCIS will return in late September or early October this fall.

There are still questions about whether Mark Harmon is returning to the show, so we will have to wait on that official announcement.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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