Who is Lynda Boyd? Supernatural guest star returns in another role

Lynda Boyd guest stars as Fortunia on Supernatural season 15 episode 11. Pic Credit: The CW
Lynda Boyd guest stars as Fortuna on Supernatural season 15 episode 11. Pic Credit: The CW

Lynda Boyd is guest starring on this week’s new episode of Supernatural as the Winchesters discover a magic pool hall that could turn their luck around and give them an edge in their fight against Chuck. 

Sam and Dean meet Fortuna

Boyd will play a character credited as Moira/Fortuna, implying that she is perhaps some kind of creature of fortune living under a human alias. The promo for “The Gamblers” sees her explaining to Sam and Dean that if they lose their game of pool she gets their lives. This begs the question — what they get if they win?

At this point, the boys are willing to risk everything to turn their luck around after Chuck has cursed them with normal lives by taking away their heroic abilities.

Without their hunter skills, they have no chance of beating him. But there’s always a catch and beating Fortune at her game can’t be as easy as a simple game of pool.

Lynda Boyd has guest-starred on Supernatural before

Boyd played Dr. Jennifer O’Brien on the Season 8 episode Pac-man Fever. She ended up being a Djinn masquerading as the county’s stickler coroner. Her position allowed her to feed at will and cover up the bodies without question, providing food for both her and her son. 

Despite the narrative tendency for the monster to end up being the person in authority who is most actively obstructing the investigation, Boyd managed to come off as merely a professional and efficient rule-abider until the very end. As a monster of the week, she really stands out amongst the campy hamminess of some others. 

Pac-man Fever famously also guest-starred Felicia Day as Charlie in one of the series’ best episodes. Felicia Day and Jensen Ackles have always shared a playful chemistry, but this episode brought Charlie and Dean together and bonded them forever as family.

Charlie was always the sister that the Winchesters never had, but the end of this episode when Charlie tells Dean she loves him is what solidifies it. When Dean replies “I know,” it’s magic. 

Boyd was also recently featured on the popular Netflix romance series Virgin River based on the bestselling books by Robyn Carr. She has previously had major recurring roles on The CW’s Arrow as Phaedra Nixon, on the Amazon Prime original series Tin Star as Randy Harrison, and on SyFy’s Sanctuary as Dana Whitcomb.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW. 

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