Who is Holly Allen from Big Brother 21 cast? Wine safari guide relentless

Holly Allen On BB21 Cast
Holly Allen is part of the Big Brother 21 cast this summer. Pic credit: CBS

Holly Allen has joined the Big Brother 21 cast for the summer 2019 season of the show. She is an outgoing personality that could be a lot of fun for viewers to watch this season.

CBS revealed the 16 members of the BB21 cast on Monday, giving fans an inside look at who is going to be playing the game this time. Following the release, interviews with former houseguest Jeff Schroeder were shared on the CBS live feeds.

Holly describes herself as spontaneous, sarcastic, and relentless. Those are traits that might not serve her well in the game. But they could also steer her toward sitting in the final two during the season finale.

Who is Holly Allen on Big Brother 21 cast?

Holly stated that she is from Wyoming, but is now living in Los Angeles. Her job as a wine safari guide is in Malibu, where she helps get people “tipsy” before they see the animals.

When speaking with Jeff, Holly stated that she was excited to go through an experience such as this one (being on the show). Her primary strategy is to be hardworking and honest.

Holly admitted that it might be hard for her to be honest in the house, but that she is going to work hard at building trust early in the season. She even paid Jeff and Jordan Lloyd (his wife) compliments on how they had played the game.

When speaking about potential downfalls, Holly is worried about trusting the wrong person from the BB21 cast.

When does Big Brother Season 21 start?

The season premiere is set to take place on Tuesday, June 25. A schedule of episodes has been released by CBS, showcasing a two-night premiere where the at-home audience will get to know the BB21 cast members.

Big Brother returns for Season 21 on June 25 to CBS. 

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