Who is Everett on Virgin River?

John Allen Nelson as Everett Reid.
Everett Reid debuted on Virgin River as Mel’s bio dad. Pic credit: Netflix

Season 5 of Virgin River left viewers with quite the cliffhanger.

Part 2 of Season 5 explored Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) looking for her biological father.

Viewers found out he was living in Virgin River at the time he and her mom had an affair, which is right where Part 1 ended.

The Christmas episodes picked up with Mel and Jack (Martin Henderson) pulling out all the stops to ensure she could find her father.

After a wild goose chase around town, they finally discovered Champ’s real name — Everett Reid (John Allen Nelson).

Here’s what we know about Everett on Virgin River.

Everett is Mel’s father

After a very disappointing first meeting between Mel and Everett at his log cabin home, he reconsidered how he handled the situation and showed up at her house.

It wasn’t hard to see this coming, especially with Season 6 a guarantee.

When Everett approached Mel, he reenacted their conversation and presented her with the letter her mom sent him.

He had everything saved, and she could go through them to match them up with the letters she had in her position.

Everett has something to tell Mel, but that must wait until Season 6. It’s currently being written after the writers’ strike ended. The Virgin River scribes returned to work at the beginning of October.

Why are we just hearing about Everett now?

Many questions surround Everett and why he appeared just before Season 6 of Virgin River.

Whatever he has to tell Mel must be a big deal because the writers left it open-ended, only to follow it up with the Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) shocker.

We have a feeling that Season 6 won’t be the end of Virgin River, especially with everything that still needs to be wrapped up.

However, Everett has something serious to tell Mel; we wonder if it’s health-related information. There is more to the story, and he will likely be sticking around for some time.

Some other secrets could be uncovered based on the clues provided while Mel and Jack chased Everett’s identity around Virgin River.

He disappeared when the letters from Mel’s mom stopped coming, so what has he been up to all these years?

Does he have other children? Will he and Mel have a relationship, or did he show up to acknowledge her existence and give her the letters only to turn around and walk back out of her life?

There’s plenty more we still need to learn about Everett Reid, but it will be a while before the answers come.

Virgin River Seasons 1 through 5 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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