Is Virgin River a real place and where is it filmed?

Annette O'Toole as Hope on Virgin River
Hope is Virgin River’s mayor. Pic credit: Netflix

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Virgin River — at least for the back half of Season 5.

With all of the wonderful spots in Virgin River, including the town square, Jack’s bar, and the medical office, there has been some chatter over the last few years about whether Virgin River is a real place.

Most of the drama centers around the small town and the folks who have lived there for decades. They know all about the hidden gems, festivals, and events throughout the year.

However, with the Christmas stage set in the latest two episodes of Virgin River, viewers are interested in where the show is filmed and whether they can visit some of the spots featured in the hit Netflix show.

The homey feel of the show, coupled with the dramatic storylines, has viewers wanting to move to the quaint little town.

But is Virgin River a real place?

Is Virgin River a real town?

In short, the answer is no.

Virgin River is a fictional town created by author Robyn Carr and brought to life in the hit Netflix series.

Viewers have watched as the town has come together time and again for various events, and the hope that there is a place like this out there exists.

Unfortunately, the Virgin River is entirely fictional, as no town like it exists in Northern California. However, some of the nearby places mentioned throughout the show are real.

Where is Virgin River filmed?

Despite there being no actual town called Virgin River, the place where the Netflix series is filmed still exists.

Most of the filming is done in Canada. Vancouver and other parts of British Columbia are the backdrop for Virgin River.

In Vancouver, the anchor for the show is Snug Cover on Bowen Island, where the landscape and water shots are filmed.

Some actual places, including Jack’s Bar, Mel’s cabin, Doc’s office, and Hope’s home, are filmed at specific structures around the area and in the studio. While the backdrop of Jack’s Bar is another establishment, filming inside occurs in the studio, not in the restaurant/bar shown.

While Virgin River isn’t a real place, viewers are in luck because, after the cliffhanger ended Season 5, Season 6 is in the works. The people will come back together for at least one more season of joy and trouble.

Virgin River Seasons 1 through 5 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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3 months ago

I love this show. I never want to see it end!!!