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Who got voted out on Survivor tonight? Another shocking result

Idols Waving Survivor
Sandra Diaz-Twine and Boston Rob Mariano on the seventh episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Another castaway got voted out on Survivor tonight. Season 39, Episode 7 of the show just aired on CBS, with the episode called “I Was Born at Night, But Not Last Night.”

It was another interesting installment of the show and for the 14 remaining castaways, the last episode before the merge would take place on Island of the Idols.

Last week on the show, Jason Linden was sent home at Tribal Council. This was due to a big game move by Elaine Stott, who had earned an advantage after her meeting with the idols (Sandra and Boston Rob).

Elaine was able to take away Jason’s vote, leading to him getting voted out 4-3 at Tribal Council. The other three votes went to Elaine.

It was clear that Elaine was at risk, but could she survive another week with some strong gameplay on the show?

At the beginning of Survivor 39, Episode 7, each tribe had seven people left, balancing things out as they worked toward what could be a Tribal Council that impacts the rest of the fall 2019 season.

Who got voted out on Survivor tonight?

The lead up to the Tribal Council vote was really intriguing on Wednesday night. The Lairo Tribe lost the Team Immunity Challenge, meaning one of them was going home. It brought Individual Immunity Idols in to play, as Jamal Shipman and Kellee Kim each planned to use theirs in a strategic move.

Fearing her friend Dean Kowalski would get voted out, Kellee gave him the idol she earned. He used it at Tribal Council. Jamal also used his idol, but he used it to protect Noura Salman.

The votes were read by host Jeff Probst, with five going to Dean and two going to Jack Nichting. Dean’s votes were thrown out due to the idol, meaning Jack was the castaway who got voted out on Survivor tonight. Another blindside.

During the next episode of the show, called “We Made it to the Merge!,” the final 13 castaways will be combined to form one final tribe. It’s a big moment on each season of the show and it will be fun to see which player works the hardest to start winning the Individual Immunity Challenges.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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