Who got evicted from Big Brother tonight? Camp Director banishes BB21 houseguests

Big Brother 21 Cast Photo Premiere
A Big Brother 21 cast member was already evicted from the house. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The houseguest who got evicted from Big Brother tonight was pretty frustrated with the results. It’s an understandable reaction to what took place in the game.

During the season premiere, the BB21 cast voted for a Camp Director. They went with Jackson Michie, who then had to choose four people to banish from the game.

As part of Episode 2, the four people Jackson banished had to compete in a competition. Three of them would return to the game, but the fourth would be evicted from Big Brother tonight.

Who went home on Big Brother tonight?

Jackson chose to banish Cliff Hogg III, Kemi Fakunle, Jessica Milagros, and David Alexander. The quartet then went to the backyard to compete in a very intense challenge. Only three people would return.

Cliff, Kemi, and Jessica were able to complete the challenge and regain their safety in the game. This result meant David was eliminated from the game.

The great news for David came in something host Julie Chen said to him. She noted he was only out of the game “for now.”

This comment appears like a heavy hint that a Battle Back Competition will come later.

A shocking beginning to Big Brother 21

Having someone removed from the BB21 cast this early was a bit surprising. It means David left the house well before the season premiere aired on CBS.

Now, fans might have to wait a while to see if he gets to compete against future evictees for a chance to play the game again.

At the end of Episode 2, Christie Murphy was shown winning the HOH Competition. She will nominate people for eviction, and the results might be available through some live feed spoilers as early as Wednesday night.

Big Brother 21 airs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights this summer on CBS.

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