When is NCIS: New Orleans on TV again? Time for a new night

Vanessa On NCIS
Vanessa Ferlito plays FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio on NCIS: New Orleans cast. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS: New Orleans wasn’t on Tuesday night and some viewers were expressing concern about it. This week, an FBI repeat episode aired, but next week, the 10/9c time slot on Tuesday is occupied by FBI: Most Wanted.

CBS made the decision to air an FBI spin-off in the late time slot on Tuesday nights. That meant NCIS: New Orleans had to be moved and the network decided to put it right behind NCIS: Los Angeles on Sunday nights.

NCIS: New Orleans on TV again this Sunday

Here is the good news. NCIS: New Orleans airs an episode on Sunday, January 5. It will debut after a new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, which is returning from its winter hiatus.

There is also some bad news. Sunday won’t reveal a new episode of NCIS: NOLA. Instead, CBS is reshowing Season 6, Episode 1, where Pride (Scott Bakula) has to cut his vacation short after Hannah (Necar Zadegan) gets suspended for breaking protocol.

The Season 6 premiere was a good episode, so it’s a nice one to re-watch for fans who might want to watch it again or for people who normally just enjoy watching the L.A. spin-off each Sunday. Lucas Black was still playing Christopher Lasalle at that point as well, so it’s a good chance to look back.

When are new episodes of NCIS: New Orleans on CBS?

The next new episode of NCIS: New Orleans will debut on Sunday, February 16. That’s a long wait for fans who followed the show each Tuesday night. It’s also a huge span of time for NCIS: L.A. fans who might be looking forward to taking in the other spin-off on Sunday evenings.

Until Season 6, Episode 11 finally arrives on February 16, there is a lot of time to re-watch or catch up on the first 10 episodes from the fall. There were some really good ones in the mix and a real shocker for viewers when one of the primary cast members died.

NCIS: New Orleans moves to Sunday nights at 10/9 on CBS.

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