When Calls the Heart time period: When were clipboards invented?

Erin Krakow
Erin Krakow plays Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton on When Calls the Heart. Pic credit: ©

When Calls the Heart Season 10, Episode 3 brought a lot of new things to Hope Valley, including clipboards.

That begs the question of when exactly When Calls the Heart takes place and when clipboards were invented.

Season 1 of When Calls the Heart began in 1910, and if we assume each season is a year, then Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) has been in Hope Valley for nearly 10 years, making the year around 1920, give or take a year or two.

Fortunately, we live in 2023 and not 1923, so tools like the Internet are at our expense.

According to Office Museum, clipboards were first called board clips, and their first patent came around 1870-1871.

The earliest advertisement came around 1876, so it looks like the clipboards are still appropriate for the time in When Calls the Heart.

What were clipboards used for in When Calls the Heart?

Fans saw the clipboards during Episode 3 of Season 10 when Elizabeth and the other ladies in town were planning Rosemary’s surprise baby shower.

There were several clipboards being used to keep track of all of the tasks and plans needed to accomplish the big surprise.

Fortunately, all goes as planned, and Rosemary gets her surprise baby shower, and everyone is certain that she’ll be a good mother.

When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 3 recap

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Episode 3 was a great episode full of fun and some important changes.

First, the fun part: Rosemary gets a surprise baby shower from the women in Hope Valley, and everyone is certain that she’ll be a great mother. She isn’t so sure since she revealed she didn’t grow up with a mother herself, but we all know that she’s ready for this new step in her life.

Lucas went back to his old ways to help a friend out, which Elizabeth says is okay for that instance. Playing a bluff, Lucas pretends to have dirt on Jerome from the mining company and gets Henry Gowen off free of his charges, though Henry isn’t too thrilled about not facing prison anymore.

It seems it will take more than an act of kindness for Henry to forgive himself.

Plus, trouble may be coming to Hope Valley as a tourist named Madeline St. John seems to have a trick or two up her sleeve, and she seems to be feeling guilty about it.

For now, we have to stay tuned to see what happens next.

When Calls the Heart airs Sundays at 9/8c on Hallmark.

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