What is Whacktivity Competition on Big Brother? Game-changing secret power spoilers

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The Big Brother 21 cast had a lot of very memorable people. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Whacktivity Competition on Big Brother 21 is a twist that producers had been waiting to reveal.

Following Episode 2, host Julie Chen let viewers know that a secret competition was coming up that held a game-changing power for the winner. It was kept under wraps for a while.

On Sunday night, the CBS viewers finally got to learn more about the Whacktivity Competition. It had been played in the house a while ago, but the results were pre-taped to be presented later.

What is the Whacktivity Competition on Big Brother 21?

The Whacktivity Competition was revealed midway through Episode 3. It was split up into three challenges, with one taking place each week. Five houseguests compete and one person gets a secret power.

The first five people to compete were Nicole Anthony, Bella Wang, Kathryn Dunn, Cliff Hogg III, and Ovi Kabir. They all competed to decide the first person who would receive a secret power for the summer.

Ovi won the competition, which was done in secret, and it was then time to find out what his power was for Week 1. Ovi is able to force the change of a future Nomination Ceremony. He has six weeks to shake things up.

Once a Nomination Ceremony has taken place, Ovi can enact his power, taking the two people off the block and forcing the HOH to name two different nominees. His power and the use of it will remain a secret.

Next week, five different houseguests will take part in a new challenge. Then, in the third week, the final Whacktivity Competition will take place. By the end of it, three secret powers will have been unleashed on the game.

Big Brother 2019 schedule

The next episode of the show takes place on Tuesday, July 2. This is when the Power of Veto should be revealed for the CBS viewers. For fans who want to read ahead, the Veto results have been revealed on the CBS live feeds.

An early schedule of Big Brother 2019 episodes is also available online so fans can set those DVRs.

Big Brother currently airs CBS episodes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights.

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