What is the Big Brother Chaos Power? Who won new Whacktivity Competition? Results revealed

Tommy Bracco In Big Brother House
Tommy was one of the players in the second Whacktivity Competition for summer 2019. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother Chaos Power has the chance to shake up the game again. The second Whacktivity Competition of the summer was played, earning a BB21 cast member a new secret power.

It was Ovi Kavir who won the first Whacktivity Competition and the Nightmare Power. He was able to cancel the Nomination Ceremony of a Head of Household and save two people from being nominated.

Ovi did not use the Nightmare Power and ended up getting placed on the block at the Veto Ceremony. Then, the BB21 cast evicted Ovi, sending him to Camp Comeback in another twist from the show.

What is the Big Brother Chaos Power?

During the July 7 episode of the show, highlights of the second Whacktivity Competition were shown. The challenge had been played out on Friday (July 5), but the CBS viewers didn’t know the results yet.

Holly Allen, Jackson Michies, Tommy Bracco, Sam Smith, and Jack Matthews got to play in the second Whacktivity Competition. The winner from this group of five houseguests would gain the Chaos Power.

The Chaos Power allows the user to force a new Veto pick during the player draw. After the players are selected and set, the owner of the power can force a re-draw of the people who will play for the Power of Veto.

Who won Whacktivity Competition? Who has Chaos Power?

The Chaos Power winner was Jack Matthews. He earned the secret power and finished the Whactivity Competition extremely quickly. The losers were frustrated, especially Tommy, who really wanted the secret power.

The nights that Big Brother is on this summer have changed. CBS has updated its primetime schedule in order to make room for Love Island. It means the dates and times for Big Brother episodes will be a bit different now.

During the next episode, producers will cover the Veto Competition and who won the Power of Veto. For readers who want to jump ahead of the television audience, a lot of BB21 spoilers are already available from the live feeds.

Big Brother has CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays this summer.

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