What happened to Missy Peregrym on FBI and where is she?

Maggie FBI
Missy Peregrym as Special Agent Maggie Bell on FBI cast. Pic credit: CBS

The FBI cast was missing Missy Peregrym on Tuesday, again, as the season finale aired on CBS.

But don’t worry, it’s excellent news for the actress and her family, as she is expecting a baby with her husband, Tom Oakley.

The additional great news was that the show planned for this, and executive producer Dick Wolf pulled some strings behind the scenes.

For the FBI season finale, the writers pulled off a crossover with Chicago P.D. It was an interesting twist, especially since Chicago P.D. is a show that airs on NBC.

Partnering up with Special Agent Omar Adom “OA” Zidan (played by Zeeko Zaki) was actress Tracy Spiridakos as Detective Hailey Upton from Chicago.

It gave the episode a much different flow than when Special Agent Maggie Bell (Peregrym) is partnering with OA, but it’s always good to add some freshness to a show, even during Season 2.

What happened to Missy Peregrym on FBI and where is she?

Below is a very fun photo that Peregrym recently posted on Instagram:

As you can see from the photo, she is very far along in her pregnancy, which was about to make it extremely difficult for her to continue filming for the action-packed show.

The show helped create a situation where Special Agent Maggie Bell didn’t have to be on screen, and it was helpful that they were able to bring over a character from Chicago P.D. to keep the show moving forward.

Very soon, we will be reporting on the great news of Missy Peregrym and Tom Oakley welcoming their first baby into the world.

Hopefully, we will also get to report some good news about FBI Season 3 in the near future, because that’s what a lot of fans want to know about.

FBI Season 3?

The FBI ratings are doing really well on Tuesday nights, and having the spin-off in FBI: Most Wanted proves that CBS is definitely invested in keeping the show around for a while.

The bad news for fans, though, is that the next season of FBI has not been ordered by CBS yet, which raises some important questions.

With the continued success of the program on Tuesday nights, we do expect the renewal announcement to come; but the network may be waiting for the right time to do it with the coronavirus situation continuing.

As soon as we hear more information about FBI Season 3, we will make sure to pass it on. And yes, we expect Missy Peregrym to return as a full-time FBI cast member.

FBI airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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Carolyn Warren
Carolyn Warren
4 years ago

I was really wondering what happened to Missy. She is the reason I started watching the show. Glad to hear she will be coming back. Not the same without her

Barbara Mallet
Barbara Mallet
4 years ago

Please please please bring back FBI. REALLY ENJOY WATCHING EVERY WEEK.

4 years ago

FBI was great! Always looked forward to the show. FBI: Most Wanted? Not the same…… I don’t watch.