What happened to Connie on the Chicago Fire cast? DuShon Monique Brown played part

Connie On Chicago Fire
DuShon Monique Brown was great as Connie on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: NBC

The Chicago Fire cast featured actress DuShon Monique Brown playing the role of Connie on the show.

Connie worked in the bullpen for Firehouse 51 and she was one of Chief Wallace Boden’s assistants.

Her last appearance on the show was in Season 6 and the character was said to have moved on to a new career as a counselor.

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The reason that the character of Connie left the show could not be avoided, but the writers did a great thing by having her simply move on to another career.

What happened to Connie on Chicago Fire cast?

The reason that Connie had to be written out of the show was that actress DuShon Monique Brown passed away.

Brown had been experiencing chest pains and she checked herself into the hospital in March 2018. She died later that week from sepsis.

Below is a clip from one of Connie’s final scenes on the show.

Chicago Fire - Celebration (Deleted Scene)

In addition to her time on Chicago Fire, DuShon Monique Brown also appeared on a number of other television shows.

Brown played Nurse Katie Welch on a number of episodes of Prison Break and she was quite memorable.

Brown also appeared on an episode each of Shameless, Empire, Unexpected, and Electric Dreams.

For two episodes, Brown played an inmate on the Kelsey Grammer show boss.

But out of all of those roles, Brown is going to long be remembered for the small part she had on the Chicago Fire cast. She was an important component of the show early on and it would not be a stretch to say that she was the mom of the people at the firehouse.

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Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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