What happened on Big Brother last night? Who was evicted?

Analyse And Christie BB21 Ceremony
Analyse Talavera and Christie Murphy on the block together during Big Brother 21 season. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A lot happened on Big Brother last night and it wasn’t just during the episode. The houseguest who was evicted may have been a surprise to some viewers, especially with what had taken place earlier in the week.

As a quick recap of what took place before yesterday on Big Brother, Jackson Michie won Head of Household, Christie Murphy and Analyse Talarvera were nominated, Jackson won the Power of Veto, and then he didn’t use the POV.

That catches everyone up to the beginning of Episode 26 on August 22. From there, it was a night of revelations and huge moments for the BB21 cast.

What happened on Big Brother last night?

The Taco Tuesday fight between Christie and Nick Maccarone was shown where Christie worked hard to make Nick appear like a huge threat in the house. It created a scenario where she might be able to save herself.

Who was evicted on Big Brother last night?

By a vote of 5-1, Analyse Talavera was evicted from the Big Brother house. Only Nick voted against Christie, which was not what CBS viewers thought was going to happen on the night.

Who won HOH on Big Brother?

Holly Allen won the HOH Competition, which the cast had been tricked into believing was a challenge about bird calls. The houseguests had listened to sounds being broadcast in the house during the week and then thought they needed to memorize them.

It was all part of a prank.

Big Brother Prank Week begins

Host Julie Chen Moonves told viewers about how a prankster would be voted on by the fans. They would be deciding on who gets some extra power in the house and takes away part of Holly’s HOH.

Analyse exit interview with Julie Chen

Host Julie Chen Moonves sat down with Analyse Talavera for an extended interview that was posted online later in the evening. It included the goodbye messages and some very real moments from Analyse as she prepared to go to the BB21 jury house.

New punishments begin for BB21 cast

Late Thursday night and into Friday morning, Jessica Milagros, Cliff Hogg, and Nicole Anthony started taking part in a punishment they earned by doing poorly in the HOH Competition. It could be seen playing out on the live feeds and there was a lot of humor involved.

Upcoming Big Brother spoilers

On Friday (August 23), the winner of the Big Brother Prankster Vote will be revealed on the live feeds. It will also be time for a new Nomination Ceremony. Who will end up on the block this time?

A lot happened on Big Brother last night, but even more could take place during the weekend with this huge new twist. Stay tuned, because the drama and excitement are just getting started.

Big Brother has new episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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