WandaVision theory: What is New Salem in Marvel Comics?

Agatha Harkness in Westview
Agatha Harkness in New Salem. Pic credit: Marvel

There is a WandaVision theory going around that not only is Agatha Harkness not the villain that viewers have been led to believe, but that Westview is also not a normal town at all.

The theory is that Westview is actually the hidden town of New Salem, and that explains a lot about what is happening right now in WandaVision.

What is New Salem in Marvel Comics?

New Salem is a mystical city in Marvel Comics. In the comics, it is hidden in Colorado and can only be accessed by people who wield magical powers.

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In the 17th Century, witches and warlocks were persecuted and often burned at the stake in Salem, Massachusetts. Soon, several witches chose to create their own community where there was no persecution and moved there to hide and live safely.

That was New Salem and one of the most powerful witches in the world, Agatha Harkness, became the leader of the community.

She remained in this position of power before leaving to live among mortals again, which is where she met the Fantastic Four (she was Franklin Richards’ nanny) and the Scarlet Witch (she was Tommy and Billy’s nanny and soon, Wanda’s mentor).

When Agatha left New Salem, she left her son Nicholas Scratch in charge, and he eventually turned evil and turned New Salem against Agatha. This is going a little far, though, and the origins of New Salem is more important here.

Is Westview actually New Salem?

There are rumors that Wanda and Agatha Harkness are not the only witches in New Salem.

Wanda is the Scarlet Witch, and if you look at the flowers outside her home, they are almost all reddish and pink in shade. Agatha Harkness has only purple flowers in front of her house. Look at Dottie’s home and all the flowers there are yellow.

Yellow is the color connected to Arcanna Jones, another magical user in Marvel Comics.

The basement of Agatha’s home is nothing like the street scene. Of course, WandaVision has shown that Wanda has changed everything in the town to look the way she wants it to look, like something from a TV show or movie.

However, the underground was protected mostly and when Wanda went into the basement of Agatha’s home, she saw what looked like a basement in an old castle.

If this is how it looked before it was transformed, it is possible that Wanda went to New Salem and transformed it into an idyllic town. It also explains why no one was allowed in the town outside of Monica Rambeau unless Wanda allowed it.

It could also mean that Agatha Harkness is not the villain. She was never bad in the comics.

If someone has been tempting and controlling Wanda, Agatha might be using her powers to make things happen (bringing in Pietro, making the twins age drastically – which would explain killing Sparky), etc.) to make Wanda and her kids strong enough to stand and fight by her side against whoever is really to blame.

For extra points, Agatha’s rabbit is Senior Scratchy, and her son’s name is Scratch, so this battle could have started before Wanda even showed up.

WandaVision drops a new episode every Friday on Disney+, with two weeks left until the season finale.

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