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WandaVision: The Ship of Theseus promises an interesting future for The Vision

WandaVision: The Ship of Theseus promises an interesting future for The Vision
The Vision faces the White Vision with the Ship of Theseus. Pic credit: Marvel

WandaVision was never a typical Marvel Cinematic Universe release. It started out as a sitcom for the first few episodes, so it was not surprising to see the finale feature a philosophical debate.

People who only care about people hitting each other still got what they wanted with Wanda and Agatha Harkness battling in the streets of Westview, but that even involved Agatha breaking down what Wanda did to all the people in the town.

However, the battle between White Vision and the MCU Vision was a different story.

What is The Ship of Theseus in WandaVision?

Vision and White Vision fought tooth and nail for a short time, but once they ended up in the library, everything changed.

Vision decided to stop punching and start talking. He proceeded to win the fight by debating the Ship of Theseus with White Vision.

Vision asked White Vision if he was aware of the Ship of Theseus. Of course, he was, as if it was written in a book, Vision likely knows it.

“The Ship of Theseus is an artifact in a museum,” White Vision explains so the audience can catch up. “Over time, its planks of wood rot and are replaced with new planks. When no original plank remains is it still the Ship of Theseus?”

Greek philosopher Plutarch was one of the earliest to philosophize about the concept. In his concept, new generations took old planks from the ship and replaced them with new ones. By the time there were no old planks left of the old ship, and it has basically been rebuilt, is it the same ship or a different one entirely?

This is an important philosophical concept that has one side of philosophers believing the ship is no longer the same and the other side believes it is still the same ship.

This also applies to humans. When a person is a young adult, they might have certain beliefs. If they grow up and change their beliefs entirely, are they the same person they were years before or are they a new person entirely?

White Vision realizes there is no clear answer to this question.

“Neither is the true ship. Both are the true ship,” he states.

Who is the real Vision in WandaVision?

White Vision had one order by S.W.O.R.D. — eliminate Vision. However, the Vision in Westview is not the original Vision. He is a construct of Wanda’s creation. Furthermore, White Vision is more of the real Vision than the one he was sent to kill, so does that mean he has to kill himself?

Or is he not the real Vision either, but one reconstructed to look like the original?

The White Vision does not have the mind stone, so he is not the real Vision. The other Vision has no materials that constructed him at all, so he is not the real Vision either.

Vision then gives all his memories to White Vision and suddenly, the White Vision regains its sense of self that S.W.O.R.D. tried to withhold from him. He realized “I am Vision,” and he left.

What is left to learn is what the White Vision will do next in the MCU. He can change his colors back anytime he wants, and while this is not the synthezoid that fell in love with Wanda, it is still a hero at its core.

WandaVision’s entire first season is streaming now on Disney+.

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