WandaVision: Could Jimmy Woo bring Agents of Atlas to the MCU?

WandaVision: Could Jimmy Woo bring Agents of Atlas to the MCU?
Jimmy Woo and Marvel’s Agents of Atlas. Pic credit: Marvel

President and CCO of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige said that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would bring its first Southeast Asian superhero into its universe.

While there is not much to choose from when it comes to the Marvel Comics world, there is one hero known as Wave that could hint at a new Marvel super team’s entry to the MCU. Wave is a member of Agents of Atlas.

This is important because the Agents of Atlas were formed by a man named Jimmy Woo.

The same Jimmy Woo that is currently in WandaVision.

Jimmy Woo in Marvel Comics

In the MCU, Jimmy Woo works for the FBI, but he is tasked with superhuman affairs.

He was the man who was in charge of making sure Scott Lang remained under house arrest in Ant-Man and the Wasp. He was entertaining in that role and has returned for WandaVision, as the FBI works with S.W.O.R.D. to figure out what is happening in Westview with the Scarlet Witch.

In the comics, Jimmy Woo has a long history.

His first appearance was in 1956 in the comic book Yellow Claw from Atlas Comics. This was the company that soon became Marvel Comics.

At that time, he led a superhero team known as Agents of Atlas. He reunited these classic characters later in Marvel Comics, but the best version was still to come.

During the War of Realms crossover (an event with Malekith trying to conquer all the realms, including Earth), Woo put together a new Agents of Atlas, which consisted of all Asian heroes.

This team has some great heroes that could easily fit into the MCU.

Who is in Marvel’s Agents of Atlas?

Kevin Feige mentioned the Southeast Asian hero coming to the MCU, and that could be Wave, a Filipina water manipulator.

There are also at least four members of Agents of Atlas (other than Jimmy Woo) that have direct ties to the MCU.

First, Ms. Marvel Kamala Kahn was working with them initially but chose not to stick with the team after Ear of Realms.

The most interesting is Korean-American hero Amadeus Cho.

For those who don’t read comics, Cho started as a sidekick for Hercules and is one of the smartest people on Earth (the world’s sixth smartest man).

He then became friends with Hulk and eventually became the new Hulk after Bruce Banner apparently died. Cho was slightly depowered when Banner returned, but kept his Hulk strength and brilliant mind and changed his name to Brawn.

The other members of the Agents of Atlas include Aero (Chinese woman with wind-based powers), Crescent (South Korean woman with a magical bear named Io), Luna Snow (South Korean woman with ice-based powers), Silk (Korean-American in the Spider-Man family of characters), Sword Master (Chinese sword-wielding hero), White Fox (South Korean superspy), and finally, Shang-Chi — a hero that is getting his own MCU movie this year.

With Shang-Chi soon to be a movie hero, Jimmy Woo in WandaVision, Brawn sharing a connection in the comics to Hulk, and Silk, a Spider-Man heroine, Agents of Atlas has a nice start in possibly becoming the next MCU Asian superhero property.

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