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Wade Tillman on Watchmen: Everything you need to know about Looking Glass

Wade Tillman on Watchmen: Everything you need to know about Looking Glass
Looking Glass on Watchmen. Pic credit: Mark Hill/HBO

In the world of Watchmen on HBO, the police wear masks to protect their identities. All beat cops wear yellow masks but the detectives all get their own specialized masks and code names.

One of the most intriguing is Looking Glass, the interrogator and one of the top cops in Tulsa.

In the third episode of Watchmen on HBO, Laurie Blake showed up with the FBI and she exposed the fact that she knew everything about the costumed police officers including the fact that Looking Glass’ name is Wade Tillman.

Who is Wade Tillman on Watchmen in HBO

Wade Tillman, aka Looking Glass, is listed as one of the main characters on Watchmen, so it is likely he will play a major role down the line of the HBO series.

However, for now, he is nothing more than just a regular detective, although a great one from the looks of it.

Looking Glass was there with Sister Night when they learned that Judd Crawford was dead and he seemed very emotional when he was talking about it, although it was also slightly humorous to hear his tone of voice, which betrayed any emotions.

It was also clear when Blake was interrogating him about Sister Night that he appeared to feel terrible about giving up her identity.

Looking Glass has proven to be the best interrogator when it comes to learning when a suspect is telling the truth or lying by using his specialized pod which shows different images on the walls while he is asking questions.

Tim Blake Nelson

The man who plays Looking Glass is a perfect fit for Watchmen on HBO.

Because Looking Glass is part of the Tulsa police force, Nelson fits perfectly because he is a Tulsa native, born there in 1964 and graduating from high school there in 1982.

Nelson has an impressive filmography as well, appearing in blockbusters like The Incredible Hulk and Angel Has Fallen and critically acclaimed movies like Lincoln and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Watchmen airs on Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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